So I just watched Game of Thrones S05e10 (no spoilers)

No spoilers for the finale of season number 5 but BE WARNED : some spoilers for the rest of the show so don’t read if you haven’t watched!

Yeah, just as the title says, I just watched the last episode of the awesome TV show that is Game of Thrones. The finale to the fifth season.

And, how to explain, at the end of season one I was enthused, at the end of the second I was amazed and excited about the show. I had just begun watching it as season three started coming out so I sort of consumed the first two seasons really rapidly. The third one was, to me, the first real season of GoT where I followed it from beginning to end in the regular way : one episode a week. And it was also the season that had marked me the most at that point (especially with the red wedding and all, plus the music). At the end of it I was impatient to see season four, I really wanted to see how things were going to play with all of these beloved character dead, the ones already there evolving and the new ones that were introduced.

Well, even if I was a bit blazé by the first two or three episodes of season four (well, it’s not entirely accurate, I really enjoyed the first one then I sort of, I don’t know, lost the connection with he show that I had built up. I think the long wait between seasons did that.), it quickly came back as things started to move again and I managed to get completely back in the story and even fall in love with the series even more! The death of Joffrey (that bastard!) by poison and the epic duel between the Mountain and the Viper (my god, I still tremble thinking back to that moment) got me really rilled up!  Then at the end of season four, with the death of grandpa Lannister by the hand of his half-son Tyrion and Arya leaving on her quest, I was soooooo excited, I was jumping everywhere as the credits rolled!

I desperately wanted to watch season 5! Then, this season, as the show started again, the same thing happened as during the beginning of season 4 : I somehow got bored after the middle of the second episode and almost stopped watching the show for a whole month. I only agreed, and reluctantly at that, to start watching it again for my girlfriend, who also is a fan. And boy, what a mistake I had made! I got back into it and the hype came back, it was so awesome and fun to follow! Plus the story was finally starting to get really interesting with Jon becoming the head of the black thingy (edit : I just remembered it was the Nightwatch… -_-), Arya becoming a disciple of the many-faced god and Tyrion en route to meet Daenerys. it couldn’t have been better! Then the winter started coming (bothering Stanis in his conquering) and the white walker arrived and raised their army.

The show got even better from that point on and everything built up and built up to get to this last and final episode of the season and by the old gods and the knew and all the others : I was sitting on my arse by the time the credits rolled and my mouth was gaping wide… I swear it took me a few minutes to register all that had happened, to comprehend what it meant and I am still, at this moment, as I am writing this, trembling with excitement from what I have just witnessed! I think this episode easily goes in my top three (the best still being the one with the Viper and the Mountain and as for the other of the three I don’t really know, but definitely top 3!) favorite episodes of Game of Thrones! Easily!

I don’t really know what to say about it (plus I can’t say much if I don’t want to spoil it) but I feel so much emotions inside right now, most of them being along the lines of this :

And something like this :

This :

Or this :

But definitely this :

And this :

Yup. That’s the best I can do to illustrate my feelings and reaction right now. Just imagine a mix of all of the gifs up there and you’ll get something resembling what I feel right now. And it’s AWESOME! :D

Anyways, I can’t say much more unless I start spoiling but DAMN! That episode! :O

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