Poem readings | Lecture de poèmes

Here is a project I have been thinking about and working on for a bit of time now. It is not grandiose or anywhere near finished and polished enough, but it is something that I very much enjoy doing.

To make it short, let’s say I was curious about what it would sound like if I tried reading my own poems, and so I did. Some have music to accompany them, others don’t. Some have more feelings carried in my voice, some less. But all are read the way I felt they needed to be read when I did so.

It is not an ultimate and eternal adaptation (if I am allowed to call it so), as I may read them differently at different times – either because I feel like it or because I want to try another way -, but also because  each person who reads them has their own interpretation and feelings behind their reading of it. This playlist is just one way of viewing them in a myriad of possible ways

I have read some of my poems in French and some in English, you are very welcome to go through the list and listen to whatever you want. And don’t hesitate to review them if you want to!

I will try to add more over time but, as I said, I read them whenever I feel like it because I love to add meaning to a reading. I therefore cannot promise a regular schedule, just check my SoundCloud out from time to time!

I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading (and listening to) me!

PS: One of the last poems I read this way – Hearth’s Ong – couldn’t be uploaded to SoundCloud due to music copyrights, but you can find it here if you want (or just below).

PPS: If you want to read the poems as you listen to them, or know more about the songs used in some of them, you can go to my SoundCloud and take a look at the descriptions of each reading, everything is over there.

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