That which is


There are words that are said in the silence of the night

Silent words, fire words,

Words that would ashen any man’s heart,

Words that would crumble an Empire

If uttered before the great tenebra,

Though when all souls have passed the pale threshold

Of the kingdom of the Moon

Along the lifeless lake, in the quiet hour,

When battles are silenced and men’s hearts lay still,

When the soft brushing of a drop against skin

Resonates up to the highest heavens and down to the deepest hells,

In those moments of emptiness

As quiet as they are lone,

There are words,

Ancient words, iron words,

Words such as the earth has never born before,

Word before dawn, before clay, before dust,

Beware of those words

For they forget and they betray

And may never repair that there which has been torn,

Words of madness, words of wisdom,

Strange and eternal, lies though never dead.


We are more than we are, we are one.

Through an icy eye I see the sea.


Not quite a harsh pain this firework of the chest,

Although the myriad of colour cannot be seen

The melody echoes throughout the silent space.

Rows upon rows of madness-in-a-box

Where void fills void during the long twilight,

Industrial and forgettable instantaneity –

Fingers upon a chalkboard and bleeding nails.

Somewhere, somewhen, an Asphodelian wails

But it does not move the heart of such a deity;

Look! there comes the rest in a queer half-flight,

Eyes aflame or stolen by the wicked Nox,

There is this eerie gash in their romantic pace

As they seek but may never truly convene;

Ruby and silver and gold weigh nothing to those who rest.


Sigrid – High Five



To the problem thereof

Listen to this wise voice:

One day Time will be back

Once again clouds will cry,

And surely will echo

The drum within your hands,

A thousand and one bands

Playing the Young White Doe,

Even the deserts dry

Will regain what they lack,

The Future has no choice

For it is ground to Love.


No prince, no princess, just a dragon and its gold.

Dia Llebo


Esméralda de feu, gracile et élégante,

Virevolte au tempo de mille voix argantes

Et de tambours bilieux qui en vain s’époumonent;

Regarde donc ces fous que souffrance passionne.

Y a-t-il quelque héros qui puisse la sauver ?

Batailler le destin ou soudoyer les Moires ?

Ô Passé et Présent, ne pouvez vous convaincre

De retenir sa main, votre frère, Futur ?

Yeux insensibles, coeurs de pierre, et âmes noires,

Catabase sanglante de rage de vaincre;

Ni démons ou ni dieux ne veulent ta torture

– Obole sans valeur, obélisque de sel.

Wivre du Veldt, ci gît ta demeure, brisée,

Souvenez vous de la fille de l’étincelle.


Les images dans ma tête dansent la farandole.



Today I tried something new

And it has failed

Tomorrow I will attempt to say adieu

To this secret unveiled

Yesterday shall always remain in view

Although the ship has sailed


Something simple from the real life.

Poem readings | Lecture de poèmes

Here is a project I have been thinking about and working on for a bit of time now. It is not grandiose or anywhere near finished and polished enough, but it is something that I very much enjoy doing.

To make it short, let’s say I was curious about what it would sound like if I tried reading my own poems, and so I did. Some have music to accompany them, others don’t. Some have more feelings carried in my voice, some less. But all are read the way I felt they needed to be read when I did so.

It is not an ultimate and eternal adaptation (if I am allowed to call it so), as I may read them differently at different times – either because I feel like it or because I want to try another way -, but also because  each person who reads them has their own interpretation and feelings behind their reading of it. This playlist is just one way of viewing them in a myriad of possible ways

I have read some of my poems in French and some in English, you are very welcome to go through the list and listen to whatever you want. And don’t hesitate to review them if you want to!

I will try to add more over time but, as I said, I read them whenever I feel like it because I love to add meaning to a reading. I therefore cannot promise a regular schedule, just check my SoundCloud out from time to time!

I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading (and listening to) me!

PS: One of the last poems I read this way – Hearth’s Ong – couldn’t be uploaded to SoundCloud due to music copyrights, but you can find it here if you want (or just below).

PPS: If you want to read the poems as you listen to them, or know more about the songs used in some of them, you can go to my SoundCloud and take a look at the descriptions of each reading, everything is over there.



And when there is so much to be done

About all that there is, about nothing,

Can we truly believe everything

Our spirits murmur once they are gone?

Oh when there is so little to do

For all we make, we destroy, we undo,

Can this beautiful world truly be changed

By a family that has long been estranged?

Is it worth it to keep on fighting this fight?,

Asks the wanderer with a sad smile;

He who has finally set foot home feels in exile

For everything has changed with insight…


We are the children.

Three little men

One blue, one green, one red

Three little men in bed,

One is loud, one is quiet, 

The third is on a diet, 

One is young, one is old,

The last one feels quite cold,

One is bitter, the other’s sweet,

The third goes about on his feet,

One is tall, one is small,

And the last one is all,

One is close, the other far,

The third one is ajar,

One blue, one green, one red,

Three little men are dead…