The Eighth Dead

The Eighth Dead is a project for a short story in three parts that I have decided to try to work on over the course of the next few days. It is based on a script for a hypothetical movie that I wrote last year during a class on script writing. The story itself is something I’ve had in mind for a few years now but, regretfully, I never had the motivation or time or energy to turn it into what I wanted it to become: a short story. At least not until that class last year. It now exists in the form of a script in French, therefore, the broad outline of the story is defined and all that is left for me is to (successfully) turn it into a short story.

It is the story of Jackson Parker, an ex private eye, or private investigator, turned cop (sort of the opposite of the usual “noire” novella) who arrives in Louieville, a small town in the south of the United States, to start his new job and is faced with a series of mysterious murders. The whole “ambiance” is supposed to reflect the early 30s-40s and perhaps 50s, and that “noire” characteristic of movies set in that time period.

I will try to post one part very two days (the key word is ‘try’) for two reasons: one, it will allow you, readers, to be able to read it without having too much time between each part, therefore making it more clear for you. And, secondly, it will give me time to work on it a little more than one part a day (especially considering what I have programmed for myself in the next few days and that each part will be much longer than a poem), while at the same time being a challenge towards myself (idem). Finally, it will make it easier to publish for me (really long pieces always seem to have some kind of issue) and it makes work on a longer and different project while keeping a writing schedule (or at least try).

I will do my best to make this small – albeit important to me – project as entertaining and high in quality as I can. I am starting the actual writing tomorrow, thus the first of the three parts should be published around Saturday (or something). That is all I wanted to say, this post is both a means to catch your attention and to ‘force’ myself to actually do the work by binding my word to it. And, who knows, perhaps it will motivate me to work on all those other shorter writing I have had int he back of my mind for some time now…

So, yeah, we will see how it goes. That’s all folks! See you all later.

PS: Perhaps one day I will make the original script, in French or/and translated, available. Perhaps.


Why do you follow me?

I know that this might be another message in a bottle and that it might take years, if not centuries, for it to reach civilization but I have been wondering for a while now, marvelling at the fact that so many people (more than two hundred to this day) have decided to follow this website, and I would like to know:

Why do you follow me?

What has piqued your interest? Fueled your curiosity?

What made you click on my posts and what did you think of them?

I would really like to know all this, I am really, truly, genuinely curious to know the reasons that have made you want to know or to see more!

Also, is there anything else you would like to see here, something I have not done yet or something you would like me to explore again?

Or do you have any question you would like to ask me? Something you are itching to know or to discover about me, my works or this website?

Don’t hesitate, ask away, I will be glad to answer all of them! (Very happy and proud too!)

I don’t know, I am curious and I wanted to take the time to get to know you, whoever you might be, better and perhaps to understand what makes me, me, what make you, you, and why you enjoy what I do…

Thank you for the time you have given me these past months and years, see you soon! ;)

A Duet With Life

Worry not my friends for this post will not be as long as the one from earlier today, I simply wish to bring new of a new era in my poetic writings for, as you may have noticed if you have been stalking this website’s pages (Ha! As if anyone would do that…), I have added the page containing the poems in the new part of my collection.

After A Ballad For Death, let me introduce the second part, A Duet With Life, which is officially available for consultation and avid reading as of right now!

However, where A Ballad For Death was more of a challenge of quantity – sometimes over quality – where I set myself the task of writing each day for a year and a half, A Duet With Life shall be more free in its completion as I will write poems when they come to me. Perhaps that will be as often as one a day for periods of time but perhaps not, it is not the goal this time.

There won’t be much change in themes or inspiration, it will mostly be a continuation of my poetic wanderings but I do truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as you have in the previous era and as much as I enjoy writing them!


Finally, before leaving you for the evening, I want to answer the main question that would surely be asked to me if ever anyone was interested in this: why choose those two names? Is there any significance behind them? Well, the answer is: probably. I don’t really know why I chose A Ballad For Death, the most likely answer is that it partly came to me randomly, I was looking for a title with both a good power of evocation and meaning to me (a link to my writings).

And, though it may surprise you, death it actually one of the very recurring theme in my poetry, as is the act of dancing (in the lexical fields I use, in the images I play with and in the way I play with words, I dare say I [try to] “dance with words), and poetry is a form of lyrical oral art so it somehow fit perfectly. As for the second part, A Duet With Life, well, again, important themes, my way of playing with words and  contrast with the first part…

Now, if everything goes according to plan, this will not be the last part of my poetry and the next one(s) also have names that are connected and already planned!

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself and talking (or rather writing) way too much so I will leave you here, enjoy and see you later!

PS: a new poem coming tomorrow!

Schrödinger’s poet

Don’t dead, open inside.


Schrödinger’s poet or why I haven’t posted anything for a week.

The tl;dr and obvious/easy version of what I am going to say, e.g. the short one, is that I needed a break from writing for a while.

Now that this is out of the way let’s proceed to try to decrypt why I needed such a break and what it meant (because, if it wasn’t obvious before, I will make it painstakingly so right now: I haven’t stopped writing at all this past week, on the contrary, I may have even spent more time doing so than per usual). So why make it seems like a break then? Well, that is where the title comes in: Schrödinger’s poet, a simple yet very effective wordplay on the expression ‘Schrödinger’s cat’, coined after the thought experiment of the cat in a box full of radioactive poison, cat of which, as postulated, we cannot know the state of existence without opening the box, it is therefore alive and dead at the same time creating a paradox. That is the point I am trying to make here: the paradox of being a poet for me.

What do I mean?, I hear you say. Well, it’s quite simple actually. The less I write, the more I write; the more I write, the less I write. What I mean by this is that while I was writing poems – one every day – I was so focused on that everyday that I had very little energy or motivation to work on any other writing project that I have. And with A Ballad For Death coming to an end recently I thought I would catch up on that ‘lost’ time. Weirdly however I found myself continuing on the same track and rhythm of one poem a day. Why? Because I had no idea what else to do to ‘replace’ this concept and I wanted to keep the site active. Also because I think I am not ready to share the rest of my longer writings yet, none of them are fleshed out enough to do that. And so I found myself trying to find a new concept, which didn’t come, and in the mean time having to keep on stretching the already thin line of poetic inspiration that was mine. I don’t mean to say that I have no more idea, motivation or passion for poetry, on the contrary, I believe it will stay a big part of my work for a long time, but writing a poem a day… is damn exhausting! I think it is time to let this rest in the shades of a closet at the back of my mind for a moment, I have exhausted all my energy following this challenge to myself and, although I am very proud of what I have accomplished, I believe I should try to move on, if only a little.

So what ave I been doing this past week? Well writing poetry (Of course! What else?!), working on my old writing projects, reflecting on what I could do and even trying to keep up with a new NaNoWriMo ambition (which failed pretty quickly as, for the third year that I participate, I found out it is not at all my rhythm or my way of working and I found myself losing interest quite quickly… – not in the story but in the writing process.). I have also been taking some time for me, to reflect, time to do nothing, time to do other things, but, most importantly, I have managed to rest myself from the constant demand of renewing my inspiration each day for a few days and it has been sooooo agreeable! I’ve actually been able to work on what I wanted to write for some time now, not what I felt I had to write or something I forced myself to write. Because even if I take great pleasure and love working on poetry, making myself write one a day even when I felt I should have stopped already was difficult and I could feel I wasn’t as invested as I should be, or at least not when I needed to be. And that is very annoying. So yeah, writing, thinking, planning, pondering. A couple new projects, a few old ones. Some good old passionate thinking which did a great deal of good to my writer’s mind.

But, what now? Well, I don’t really know… All this reflecting has led me to think that I had to change things a little, try new projects (even if they fail), perhaps take time to look at the site’s organisation, which I have been meaning to simplify for some time now… So yeah, a number of things. I will probably share a few poems in the days to come because I have a handful new ones that I believe you could find interesting, but I might also try something else…. Perhaps those short stories I talked about the last time, or those writing prompts and concepts I sort of began all those months ago and never actually took the time to continue… The main point is that I still don’t know exactly what I am going to do but I have a better idea of what I want to do, which is equally important. So, yeah, I don’t know, but I am here and I will keep on following my creative drive so just stay tuned and see you soon! ;)

PS: I apologize for the lack of clarity of this post, but basically I was a bit down recently, I took some rest and am better now. I am back to do things, perhaps not as often but more in tune with my desires?

PPS: Also, question to those who have written this all the way to the bottom (thank for bearing with me): what would you want/like me to do/write about here? Any ideas? I’m open!


Want it or not, here is a bit of news about me and my projects for the future! (Warning! It’s gonna be a bit long, but worry not! tl;dr at the end.)

Yes, I know. It hasn’t been a full week since I published my 500th poem (which you can view by clicking here) and me saying I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do after this (in this post), yet I seem to have already decided on that for here I am to give you an update about that! Well, yes and no. Let me explain.

Firstly, no, I haven’t fully or definitively decided what I was going to do from now on after deciding that A Ballad for Death (the corpus of all the poems I have written until number 500) was over. I have been thinking about it seriously for a few weeks though, and for even longer than that if I must be completely honest because I knew early one that I couldn’t go one like this forever, that I would want to stop at one point. Plus I have had so my ideas for so many projects in the mean time that it was impossible not to think about something else. So no, I am not actually certain about the future, but I do have ideas.

Which brings us to my second point: ideas and projects. As you might know (or not) poetry is not my only passion in terms of writing. I also very much enjoy writing short stories and have been trying to write full length novels over the years (though I must admit I am not very successful at it… cf. my ‘shorts‘ and ‘novels‘ sections).

So, as I said projects: poetry will still be published here since I am in no way stopping myself from writing it, it will probably (surely) come at a less frequent pace (I’d say most likely not one a day, but who knows?) but it will come.

I will also try to write more shorts and things like that, because I have a few ideas (namely concerning an idea about a compilation of a few folk tale of my own creation I have in mind at the moment) and I will surely find inspiration in my studies and in everyday life. Plus I want to.

Thirdly, I will most definitely try to work more regularly on my longer stories (both in English and in French, though right now I am more focused on the French version) and publish parts of them (or it) more often (like once a week would be a good rhythm I guess…). I think that I will be participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo with one of my stories just to get the challenge pumping my creativity and my motivation. I don’t know with which story yet, one of the old ones or a completely new one? I have yet to decide. It has been suggested to me recently and, having emitted the idea myself, I find the prospect interesting. We’ll see. ”Qui vivra, verra.”, as we would say in French.

Lastly, I have been thinking for a while about doing some sort of weekly update about my writings, my projects, my way of working, or tips I might have for people. But I am not sure about that, I already tried that with my ‘Quotidians’ and, well, let’s say it wasn’t a great achievement, everything was always rushed and not very interesting. So, if you are reading this, would you mind giving me your point of view on this? Good idea or naw? And any tips on the form it could take?

So yeah, these are the broad strokes of the projects I have for the moment: poetry, shorts, long stories and blogs. I am here to stay and to get better at what I love doing (namely writing).

Also, last but not least, I have been thinking about other ways to tell my stories than writing because after such a long time trying I am starting to wonder if novels are really the form I want to give to my longer stories. I have thought about it before (cf. the idea of turning one of my stories in a comic/manga, if anyone is curious or interested, the offer still stands, just click the link and go have a look! And if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me!), but it never came to fruition. Lately, being in Dublin at UCD for a semester, I have chosen to study a few classes, one specifically being ‘Folk Tales’ and it has given me new perspectives on the way I could tell my stories in an oral way instead of a written one. Perhaps an audio saga? Or an audio book? Or something in between? I still don’t know but I am thinking about it…

Why am I telling you this?, you might wonder… Well, this reflecting has reignited a fire in me, a desire to try new things with my writing and one of them was to share my poems by reading them out loud. I have seen people doing hat recently at a reading group at university and it really made me want to try, so I thought ‘why not?’. And today, being partially bored, partially inspired, I decided to give it a try. So, by any chance, you have made it all the way down here and are interested in listening to me read a few of my poems and try my voice at something a bit new, here is a link: (Enjoy with moderation.)

And that is about all I have to say for today. I have a lot more in stock (like talking about inspiration and where it comes from for me, why I write, what I write about, what I love about poetry, what are my experiences and why I love what I did because it inspires me a lot etc.) and I want to know if you would want to know more… Let me know!

Anyway, long story short (or tl;dr for the more geeky/gamy of you): 500th poem no the end of poems here, many projects but not quite decided yet, reading of my poems by me here:, and what do you think about sort of regular blogs about me, my writings and my life experiences?

Thank you for reading through all this, I hope I didn’t bore you too much…!


Back in slack

Just a short post to tell you I am back after a week of absence.

Went to see some friends and to make the most of my last week of holidays this past week and just came back.

T’was awesome, 10/10 will do again!

Anyways, I haven’t been slacking (well, not completely either), I haven’t written a lot (I haven’t posted anything, that’s for sure!) but I’ve been thinking and writing down ideas and getting quite inspired so that I could come back with new material.

I well get back to the usual work tomorrow, it begins with a new part for Tales of Ore the remake, the third one if my memory is not failing me. (edit: um, actually! it’s the fouth one, you idiot… ._.)

And then, well, whatever comes to me or whatever I go to, you’ll see (I will too), but I hope you will enjoy just as much as I do!

So, yeah, I’m back and ready to rock write! \o/

PS: Oh! By the way, I have one or two side projects that are one the way too! Nothing to big or worthy to get hyped about but be on the look out, they should pop up sometime!

Rebirth of Tales of Ore

I know.

If you’ve followed what happened on this blog a bit you’re certain to cry out: “Again?!”, and if you didn’t, well you should!

Now, what is this all about? “Tales of Ore? I don’t know that, what is it? Another one of his idiotic projects?”. If that’s what you’ve thought, then yes! You are totally right! That’s exactly it! It’s another writing project that I’m going to start and never finish… Or restart, if I want to be correct. Because yes, I have already written part of that story, some of it which has been posted on this blog in French and in English, but I never got the courage and the determination to continue it and to go all the way.

Tales of Ore, if you’re interested (if not, why are you here?), is a fantasy story I’m writing. The first one actually, my first story ever. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a long time and writing it bit by bit for a few years now. Sadly, however, it has never gotten anywhere really interesting or productive… I’ve stopped not even halfway through the first part of the story and haven’t written a word since… I try to pick it up from time to time but never manage to get far. That is precisely the reason I have decided to put this project in place!

“What is it this time?”, you may ask. Well! Let my explain.

It’s been some time since I’ve really gotten into writing a story, I’ve worked on a few projects of mine here and there, notably Echoes of Power and Stanley, but nothing very consistent (at least in my mind). Also, I haven’t been writing much either these last few months (except maybe poetry, which I have been quite productive at recently) and that bums me a little. So, having recently been renewing my interest/motivation for writing my stories I have decided to give myself a sort of challenge to motivate me and produce something.

The challenge: daily writing. I want to move forward with the story and there’s no secret: to write a book one has to write. So I have decided to write every day, a little bit of course, a minimum of five hundred (500) words on Tales of Ore. This is for two reasons. Number one, to make me write a little everyday. Number two, to finally manage to write Tales of Ore (which has been stagnating for months, years now…). These ‘parts’, as I have taken the habit to call them when I did this for Echoes of Power, will later be regrouped into real chapters, but for the moment here is what I promise: one part a day, everyday of the week (Yes! Even on Sundays!), with at least five hundred words. And that for a month.

Yes. Just one month for now. This is, sort of, a trial period to see if I can manage it. If it works out well, I will keep on going. If it doesn’t, well, revise my methods and start again!

So, yeah, in short: one part of Tales of Ore, 500 words, each day for a full month!

How about that?! Impressed yet? No? Aw…

Anyway. See you later today for part 2 (yes, part 1 was published this morning but it should’ve been uploaded yesterday so, whatever…)

And as always, enjoy!

My current mood right now.

I’ve been listening to Tom Rosenthal a lot recently and I think I’m falling in love with his music even more. I really adore the way he treats the themes of his songs in the lyrics, in the way he sings and in the clips that go with them. It’s at the same time quite generic (lot of love-centered themes) and completely original, at least to me, and I love it. I just can’t get enough of his universe! :D

That reminds me -no idea why but here you go anyway- of something I wanted to talk about a little. The subjectivity of enjoyment. Relax, it’s not that complicated (I hope so, at least).

What I mean by that is the fact that each person has things they enjoy and things they don’t, like tastes, types of music, genres of movies or books, et caetera, et caetera… and that these things are proper to each individual (some interests/likes are common to a majority but not all). It’s really fascinating to think that every human on this earth has a different set of likes and dislikes. But what fascinates me even more is how we start to like things, the process that goes into becoming a ‘fan’ of something.

There are different ways that this can happen, there are different factors that come into play to like or dislike something (I take myself as an example as well as what other people told me, no real scientific process here, no real study, just thought process), I think I can number three or four here.

The first one is your innate taste, the thing that helps you decide if you like, dislike, enjoy or completely utterly absolutely hate something, which probably comes from your childhood, what you associate with good times, good feelings. I don’t really know but to give you an example, take the first cartoons you watched when you were a child, don’t you still love them? I know I just can’t help being marvelled each time I watch an episode of those old Scooby-Doo versions, I loved it in my child hood and I think it has shaped my sense of like and dislike today. If I am asked if I like Scooby-Doo I instantly know that “YES, YES I DOO!” (see what I did there?). That means I would watch any movie made on that franchise at least once without even caring if it was good or not. Usually that’s also what happens when I listen to music, -which is the point I sort of wanted to make- I very quickly know if I like or not a specific song I’m listening to.

The second one is the ‘long way around’. Mostly when you (or, more correctly, when I) discover something new (a song, a movie, a new style…) and you can’t say if you like or dislike it immediately. It’s like coffee I hear, the first time is horrible and then, as you keep drinking it, you start to like it. That happens with movies or songs or other things, but let’s take songs as an example. Let’s say, specifically, the song A Horse With No Name. I listened to it for the first time quite some time ago, almost a year now I believe, and after listening to it once I was pleasantly surprised, it was quite nice, but nothing much more than that. Then, over time, I decided to listen to it again, and as I did I began to know it better, to understand the lyrics, to form a picture of the scene in my head and I started to like it more and more. That has happened with a few others, thought I don’t have any titles in mind, with some movies too or even with some books or parts of books.

Then there’s also the environmental factor, as I like to call it. By that I mean the mood you’re in when you watch a movie, listen to a song or read a book, or even talk to somebody, but also the things that happened in your day, what you’re thinking about at that moment, the people you are with. Basically anything happening around or inside you. this plays a lot on whether you end up liking or disliking something. Like a song you enjoy so much because you have had the chance to see it live and it made the whole experience so much more awesome or a movie you got to see exactly when the time was right (like Star Wars VII after waiting for so long for example) and you were smiling and dancing and running all over like a little kid at that moment… (No, that definitely wasn’t from personal experience I swear…). Or that song you like/dislike at first because you saw a remix in a movie and then you hear that same song or the original version somewhere else and you completely change you point of view.

The fourth one is a bit more minor I think, but I believe it remains important anyway. That would be the novelty of the thing you are watching/reading/listening to, to you. If it is entirely new and fresh to you mind you might fall in love with it or hate it but the effect/decision will be a lot definite and influential than if you already have something to compare to it. There are a lot of examples with movies which are remakes/adaptations/reboots/copies/etc. of other, older, creations and that you, as a person that is knowledgeable about the source material, don’t enjoy but that, to your great aberration, younger generations or people who discover this style of thing end up loving. Just know that by discovering something new, it makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. Which is why some people wish they could rediscover things anew to feel what they have felt the first time once more. That’s also why, nowadays, going to the moon is not as exciting as it was to our parents/grandparents because to us, now, it seems almost normal… It all depends on the previous references one has (like me for example, who has a lot of internet references that I can’t share with my family or many of my friend. It is extremely frustrating at time, just know this!)

And then there is the association of one or more of these things, like when you find an association between a great song (you knew or not) and something you love since your childhood, or you discover a new detail on the internet that makes you love a movie/a song/a character differently (a lot more, a lot less) like (and you may scream, horrified, at this but I don’t care) myself when I read the whole theories people post about Harry Potter lore based on a few words on a page in one of the books, or the songs the fans made about the universe. It just makes the source material even better in my mind. The most fulfilling thing in life is when this kind of thing happens to you and you realize you’ve just discovered it on your own (and then you’re “sooooooo Xcited, omgomgomg you have to shrae ti wthi erybody on Tumblr!!!” [no, no link to actual event of my life, I told you already…]) and then you can’t stop being excited.

So yeah, liking and disliking, to me, and as complicated and difficult to understand as it may have been, is a bit like that. If I had to give you a last, perfect, example of all this, it would be this video of Halo, which simultaneously made me fall in love with Halo, its universe and characters, the awesome music and T.S. Elliot and his poem, The Hollow Men in an instant. I had barely finished watching the video that I was already grinning like a madman, deciding to watch the entire play-through of each game, to immerse myself in its universe, its lore for days/weeks/months, to listen to the music over and over again and to read Elliot’s poem which would later become one of my favorites and also a great source of inspiration to me, both for my stories and my poetry. This is what I call falling in love.

Okay, here goes nothing. I hope you understand what I meant or even what I wrote. If you do, awesome! And if you don’t then sorry, I’m bad at these kinds of things, it’s hard to take time to write when I’m excited like this…


Wow! :D

We have officially crossed another milestone on Tales of Ore today!

The number of followers has exceeded 100, as of this post, and is now at one hundred and one!

I cannot do anything else than say that I am really impressed and proud at this achievement and a massive thank you to all the people who follow this blog!

Thank you very much, it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy reading what I write! :D

So, yeah, thank you, every single one of you dear readers and followers!

And now, to celebrate this event :




Update and news

First of all I wanted to thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to, well, read and like my writings. It makes me so happy and proud to know that you enjoy reading what I create!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who is following this blog, the counter has now gone past 70 followers! Can you imagine that?! We’re at 71 followers now, it’s so awesome! Thank you all! :D

And finally I wanted to quickly celebrate passing the 400th post on Tales of Ore! Would I dare…, a short poem I wrote a few days ago, was the official post number 400 (we’re now at 403) and I am so happy and very proud of myself for this achievement! I was already surprised when I reached my 100th post, I didn’t believe I could go as far as 200 when I reached that level nor 300 before I made it there. And now I’ve created 400 posts… Wow, just wow…

Now, I know all of them aren’t worth the same, some are useless while some are really nice to read, but this is still and impressive feat I didn’t believe I would be able to achieve when I first started Tales of Ore. My goal was to post everyday, whatever it was, a story, a poem or just a small summary of my day, it didn’t matter as long as I was writing. But now I feel like I have reached a new level where I am writing everyday and I am able to create content that has a bit more quality… Anyways, I’m not going to spend hours talking about that, I’ll marvel on my own later, but I just wanted celebrate this.

WOOHOO! 400 posts! :D

Now, onto the announcements! I have two for you guys, not huge things but quite cool I hope!

I have been trying to start working on Echoes of Power again but I find myself stuck at chapter 112, I can’t decide how the scene will evolve and it is annoying because it prevents me from continuing the story… I am thinking about it and working on it however so I should have a solution soon, just need a good idea about how to solve my problem.I do have a few hunches but nothing solid for the moment. So, yeah, EoP should be back soon if everything goes well! ;)

Also, second amazing announcement, I have been thinking for a while now what to do with the content I write in French (because I am French, remember.). Should I create a separate blog or post it on this one? And if I post it on this one, do I post everything together or to I separate? In the end I have decided to post it here, so you should see some things in French appearing soon, though I will differentiate them (I’ll probably add a comment to tell you if it’s in French or in English so that you won’t be confused). But don’t be surprised, I will be posting French poetry (at least) here soon.

I have already begun adapting the main page and the top menu to this, putting the buttons both in English and in French. I won’t be translating everything (I don’t want to and it wouldn’t be very useful anyway) but some things will be in both languages while some remain in one or the other. I’m really excited about that because there is so much I have been working on in French and with which I couldn’t do anything… Now I will be able to share it too! (I think that I will probably begin by posting poems and the chapters of Tales of Ore that I have written in French.)

All right, this is all I had to tell you. Thanks for taking the time to read what I write and for passing by from time to time!

I will see you guys soon! ;)