train wagon

He opened his eyes slowly. The same continuous shaking of the train as it ran on the tracks that had been rocking him to sleep had now woken him up. He looked around, there weren’t many passengers left in his car, only an old couple of women, a single father with his child and another man who was reading the newspaper and seemed to be alone. Suddenly, as he was lying back on the seat, he saw the momentary flash of red that had become so familiar lately disappear from the corner of his eye into the next wagon.

He rose up and started running instantly, he had done the exact same movements so many times that it had become almost like a reflex for him. He side-stepped as the father tried catch his falling child and jumped over one of the old women as she stretched out her arm to grab one of the newspapers on the opposite table and barely made it through the sliding door that shut behind him. He could still hear the angry comments that the old couple made about him but he didn’t pay attention as he tried to focus on his task, this time he would make it!

He noticed the piece of red cloth as it disappeared inside one of the compartments and cursed. Damn it, so fast! He thought, already trying to catch his breath. But this time he knew what to do though and he wouldn’t let his prey escape. He ran past the first two doors and rushed through the third as it suddenly opened. He shouted a quick apology to the family who was calmly sitting in it, the children playing a quiet game of cards as their parents were each reading a book. As he got out on the other side he saw the back of a red coat and the tip of a hat of the same color disappear.

Good, he was getting closer! He smiled and sprinted through the corridor, not even paying attention to the scenery passing by at impressive speeds out the large windows. By now he wasn’t even fazed by the rocking and the shaking of the train as it rushed on its tracks, he had become accustomed to its rhythm and the eventual disturbances it could cause. He turned left, following his memory, and then immediately right. This time he saw her disappear through the door leading to the train’s third or fourth wagon, she was running as fast as she could, holding her hat on her head with one of her thin hands, her long red coat flapping behind her.

She was wearing heel, high and black, though not quite as thin as stilettos, and he couldn’t help but be impressed by her speed considering that. A long curl of blond hair trailed behind her before disappearing. Oh not you don’t! He thought. Not again!

“Sir, would you please hold that?!” He exclaimed as a middle-aged man passed through the sliding door.

“Thank you!” He shouted as he jumped through the opening under the stranger’s surprised look.

He knew she had gone right but as he turned towards the corridor on the left he suddenly stopped and closed his eyes, counting to two before resuming his race against time. He already felt the familiar tug inside his chest, he would be pulled back once more if he didn’t make it in time. Stopping now might not have seemed the wisest choice as he was already well behind, but an innumerable number of tries and fails had proved otherwise.

Running at full speed and straight ahead was the only thing he had found that helped overcome the urge to stop as so many passengers, children and adults alike, suddenly stepped out of their compartment to witness the majesty of the High Falls, said the be the largest waterfalls in the world, and the beautiful light the sun shined on it at that time of the day. He ran past them, forcing the passengers to get ont he side, this was the only way he had found he could get past this spot without stopping out of fear of hurting someone.

Finally he heard the familiar whistle of the train resound throughout all the wagons. Fifteen. He accelerated and as he counted his sixty-seventh step he opened his eyes and veered to the right, catching the closing door to the last wagon filled with passengers as it closed behind the blonde woman dressed in red. She had already crossed half of the distance to the end of the wagon and anyone that had gotten this far would’ve thought she might make it before he even took a step, but luck, or more truthfully knowledge, should prove otherwise.

He kept running but jumped on the first table to his right, not even stopping to apologize to the other passengers, he didn’t have time for it anymore. He jumped from table to table, careful not to  trip but running as fast as he could. Finally he heard the sound of shattered glass and smiled. Yes, again! He jumped to the tables on the left and kept running as he saw the young woman get back up and resume running after tripping in one of the waiters that was carrying a tray full of glasses of champagne.

He was catching up to her. Nine, eight... He jumped down from the table he was stepping over the waiter who was trying to clean up his mess and forced his legs to move faster as he crossed the last straight line that was getting him closer and closer to the girl in red. It was all over if she pressed the button but he was ready, he was going to stop her! He ran as fast as he could, feeling that the last few meters lasted an eternity. He swore the whole wagon moved in slow motion for a second there.

Then, as he was about to pass out from the effort he gave one last impulsion and caught her hand, pulling her with him to the right, away from the dreadful round object. He heard her gasp slightly at the contact and saw her hang on to her hat as she spun around and stopped her course with her back hitting the wall. He almost crashed into her and only managed to stop in time by throwing his arms straight in front on him, on each side of her head, and feeling like he was breaking every bone in his body.

Finally he looked up at the pretty little rabbit he had been chasing and almost stopped breathing, or rather panting, as their eyes met. She was still holding on to her hat for dear life and her bright blue eyes were wide and her golden locks were only a bit dishevelled, fact which took him slightly aback after such a pursuit. Three.

“Gotcha!” He whispered with a smile as he slowly got closer to her.

Not breaking contact with her eyes her leaned in, ever slowly, and as his lips closed up on hers he could feel her breath his face. It was hot and fresh at the same time, even if it was against his will he couldn’t help but look at her gorgeous mouth. She bit her luscious lips as she understood what he was about to do and sucked in a sharp intake of air before letting out what he thought was a cute little squeak. Then, as he was about to kiss her he saw the red lines he so desired to touch move and a smile spread on her face.

“Game over…” He read the words on her lips more than he heard them and as soon as she said that he felt his chest being pulled apart and his consciousness fade away once more.

“Damn it!” He barely managed to articulate as he looked back up to her eyes.

He saw her wink at him and everything went black. He felt the continuous shaking of the train once more and opened his eyes to look around, there weren’t many passengers left in his car. Wait, had she just winked at him? Oh no you don’t, not this time! He thought as he shot up, the red flash disappearing from his view on the other side of the wagon, and started running as fast as he could once again.


So, yeah, here is Train, a short story I thought up a few days ago. I didn’t have any idea for the title so I went for the most simple option… :P

I don’t know what to think of it yet, we’ll see in the next few days but I hope you enjoyed reading it!