Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds is H. G. Swell!

I’ve just been slapped in the sci-fi muscle, the musical fibre, and the storytelling boner at the same time and, by my future handsome and well-maintained moustache, did it feel good!

If you have an hour and a half to spare, give a listen to this incredible audio journey in the world of other-worldy invaders, it’s definitely worth it.

Now, on to figuring out how to quench my thirst for more Martian-related sci-fi and perhaps a reading and viewing or two of the other forms this story possesses.


Un jeu simple

Une nouvelle de ma propre création – à l’origine par écrit et en anglais – ici contée par moi-même.

C’est un test pour moi, une sorte de première sur une voie – celle du conte à l’oral – qui me passionne et que j’aimerais beaucoup explorer à l’avenir.

Vos avis, quels qu’ils soient, seront très appréciés, alors n’hésitez pas à commenter !


Adapté de A Simple Game.

Why do you follow me?

I know that this might be another message in a bottle and that it might take years, if not centuries, for it to reach civilization but I have been wondering for a while now, marvelling at the fact that so many people (more than two hundred to this day) have decided to follow this website, and I would like to know:

Why do you follow me?

What has piqued your interest? Fueled your curiosity?

What made you click on my posts and what did you think of them?

I would really like to know all this, I am really, truly, genuinely curious to know the reasons that have made you want to know or to see more!

Also, is there anything else you would like to see here, something I have not done yet or something you would like me to explore again?

Or do you have any question you would like to ask me? Something you are itching to know or to discover about me, my works or this website?

Don’t hesitate, ask away, I will be glad to answer all of them! (Very happy and proud too!)

I don’t know, I am curious and I wanted to take the time to get to know you, whoever you might be, better and perhaps to understand what makes me, me, what make you, you, and why you enjoy what I do…

Thank you for the time you have given me these past months and years, see you soon! ;)

My current mood right now.

I’ve been listening to Tom Rosenthal a lot recently and I think I’m falling in love with his music even more. I really adore the way he treats the themes of his songs in the lyrics, in the way he sings and in the clips that go with them. It’s at the same time quite generic (lot of love-centered themes) and completely original, at least to me, and I love it. I just can’t get enough of his universe! :D

That reminds me -no idea why but here you go anyway- of something I wanted to talk about a little. The subjectivity of enjoyment. Relax, it’s not that complicated (I hope so, at least).

What I mean by that is the fact that each person has things they enjoy and things they don’t, like tastes, types of music, genres of movies or books, et caetera, et caetera… and that these things are proper to each individual (some interests/likes are common to a majority but not all). It’s really fascinating to think that every human on this earth has a different set of likes and dislikes. But what fascinates me even more is how we start to like things, the process that goes into becoming a ‘fan’ of something.

There are different ways that this can happen, there are different factors that come into play to like or dislike something (I take myself as an example as well as what other people told me, no real scientific process here, no real study, just thought process), I think I can number three or four here.

The first one is your innate taste, the thing that helps you decide if you like, dislike, enjoy or completely utterly absolutely hate something, which probably comes from your childhood, what you associate with good times, good feelings. I don’t really know but to give you an example, take the first cartoons you watched when you were a child, don’t you still love them? I know I just can’t help being marvelled each time I watch an episode of those old Scooby-Doo versions, I loved it in my child hood and I think it has shaped my sense of like and dislike today. If I am asked if I like Scooby-Doo I instantly know that “YES, YES I DOO!” (see what I did there?). That means I would watch any movie made on that franchise at least once without even caring if it was good or not. Usually that’s also what happens when I listen to music, -which is the point I sort of wanted to make- I very quickly know if I like or not a specific song I’m listening to.

The second one is the ‘long way around’. Mostly when you (or, more correctly, when I) discover something new (a song, a movie, a new style…) and you can’t say if you like or dislike it immediately. It’s like coffee I hear, the first time is horrible and then, as you keep drinking it, you start to like it. That happens with movies or songs or other things, but let’s take songs as an example. Let’s say, specifically, the song A Horse With No Name. I listened to it for the first time quite some time ago, almost a year now I believe, and after listening to it once I was pleasantly surprised, it was quite nice, but nothing much more than that. Then, over time, I decided to listen to it again, and as I did I began to know it better, to understand the lyrics, to form a picture of the scene in my head and I started to like it more and more. That has happened with a few others, thought I don’t have any titles in mind, with some movies too or even with some books or parts of books.

Then there’s also the environmental factor, as I like to call it. By that I mean the mood you’re in when you watch a movie, listen to a song or read a book, or even talk to somebody, but also the things that happened in your day, what you’re thinking about at that moment, the people you are with. Basically anything happening around or inside you. this plays a lot on whether you end up liking or disliking something. Like a song you enjoy so much because you have had the chance to see it live and it made the whole experience so much more awesome or a movie you got to see exactly when the time was right (like Star Wars VII after waiting for so long for example) and you were smiling and dancing and running all over like a little kid at that moment… (No, that definitely wasn’t from personal experience I swear…). Or that song you like/dislike at first because you saw a remix in a movie and then you hear that same song or the original version somewhere else and you completely change you point of view.

The fourth one is a bit more minor I think, but I believe it remains important anyway. That would be the novelty of the thing you are watching/reading/listening to, to you. If it is entirely new and fresh to you mind you might fall in love with it or hate it but the effect/decision will be a lot definite and influential than if you already have something to compare to it. There are a lot of examples with movies which are remakes/adaptations/reboots/copies/etc. of other, older, creations and that you, as a person that is knowledgeable about the source material, don’t enjoy but that, to your great aberration, younger generations or people who discover this style of thing end up loving. Just know that by discovering something new, it makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. Which is why some people wish they could rediscover things anew to feel what they have felt the first time once more. That’s also why, nowadays, going to the moon is not as exciting as it was to our parents/grandparents because to us, now, it seems almost normal… It all depends on the previous references one has (like me for example, who has a lot of internet references that I can’t share with my family or many of my friend. It is extremely frustrating at time, just know this!)

And then there is the association of one or more of these things, like when you find an association between a great song (you knew or not) and something you love since your childhood, or you discover a new detail on the internet that makes you love a movie/a song/a character differently (a lot more, a lot less) like (and you may scream, horrified, at this but I don’t care) myself when I read the whole theories people post about Harry Potter lore based on a few words on a page in one of the books, or the songs the fans made about the universe. It just makes the source material even better in my mind. The most fulfilling thing in life is when this kind of thing happens to you and you realize you’ve just discovered it on your own (and then you’re “sooooooo Xcited, omgomgomg you have to shrae ti wthi erybody on Tumblr!!!” [no, no link to actual event of my life, I told you already…]) and then you can’t stop being excited.

So yeah, liking and disliking, to me, and as complicated and difficult to understand as it may have been, is a bit like that. If I had to give you a last, perfect, example of all this, it would be this video of Halo, which simultaneously made me fall in love with Halo, its universe and characters, the awesome music and T.S. Elliot and his poem, The Hollow Men in an instant. I had barely finished watching the video that I was already grinning like a madman, deciding to watch the entire play-through of each game, to immerse myself in its universe, its lore for days/weeks/months, to listen to the music over and over again and to read Elliot’s poem which would later become one of my favorites and also a great source of inspiration to me, both for my stories and my poetry. This is what I call falling in love.

Okay, here goes nothing. I hope you understand what I meant or even what I wrote. If you do, awesome! And if you don’t then sorry, I’m bad at these kinds of things, it’s hard to take time to write when I’m excited like this…


Wow! :D

We have officially crossed another milestone on Tales of Ore today!

The number of followers has exceeded 100, as of this post, and is now at one hundred and one!

I cannot do anything else than say that I am really impressed and proud at this achievement and a massive thank you to all the people who follow this blog!

Thank you very much, it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy reading what I write! :D

So, yeah, thank you, every single one of you dear readers and followers!

And now, to celebrate this event :




Hundreth chapter of Echoes of Power

Well, there we go!

We are officially at one hundred part of Echoes of Power published on Tales of Ore, hurray!

It has been so long since I started working on this story, almost one year and a half, and almost nine months since I have begun posting it on Tales of Ore. Already nine months. Wow.

I don’t know if this should be considered as a huge accomplishment but I do consider it that way, for me it is much more than what I thought I would achieve when I started. My project was to get to the end of this story, which still has a long way to go before reaching it, but I never thought I would get this far. Wow. This is awesome! I almost can’t believe it.

I don’t really know what to say other than that… I’m really happy but I have trouble believing I really did this.

One hundred parts. Each at least 500 words… This means more than 50 000 words written for Echoes of Power… Almost unbelievable.

I really hope you have enjoyed the ride so far as much as I have. It really was awesome writing all of this, even if I know it isn’t as perfect as I hoped it would be (so much bad things and flaws in my writing) but it is as it is and for the time being I have to do with what I have. One day I will rewrite this whole story to make it better but right now I am really happy to be able to write it, and share it, in its first version. It’s really awesome to be able to achieve something like this!

Now, about the story itself.

I am conscious that it might not have been very interesting until now, that is somehow the impression I have of my writing, despite me trying to really make it worth reading. But this chapter, Part 100, marks a very important turning point in the story, you’ll see why in the next few ones. This could somehow mark the end of the first season of Echoes of Power.

This is therefore normally supposed to be where the story picks up and becomes really interesting! Yeah, I know, after 50 000 words written it’s a bit late to start making things interesting, but this is how I wanted to tell this story and I hope you do enjoy it that way.

I don’t really know how I will fare from now on, all I hope is that I can go as far as I want with this and that I can make this as great and awesome as I hope to!

I think that is all I have to say for the moment… I can’t really think of anything else… and I’m really tired… time to go to sleep I think…

So yeah, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and I will see you very soon for the next part of the story!

Have a great evening and enjoy! ;)


Hey guys!

Just a little update I had to do, so here are a few things.

First of all, I just hit 50 followers on Tales of Ore today! (Well fifty-one actually as of this afternoon but seriously, who cares?) And I wanted to thank all of you for the time you take to read and like my works! Thank you for the follows, it’s really awesome to know that other people enjoy what I create! It makes me so happy and proud! :D So again, thank you guys a lot, all of you who come here and take time to show me that you enjoy what I do! But also to all of you who come and go secretly like masked heroes. A huge thank you to all of you, you are awesome!!!

Oh and, for the occasion, here is a drawing I made myself! (You can tell by the quality and the details of the work…)

thank you

Yep. Let’s just forget that and awkwardly move on now…

So yeah, 50 subscribers to this site, hurray! :D (I’m so happy!)

Also, as you may or may not have noticed, I have published part number 92 of Echoes of Power just a few minutes ago, as promised yesterday. AND I am working on number 93 which should be uploaded a bit later but before tomorrow. Awesome isn’t it?!

Anyways, I really am glad to know that you enjoy what I do! Well at least some of it.

But what I would like to know is, what do you enjoy the most exactly? Why do you come here? Is it for the poems? The other things I write? The stories like Echoes of Power? Or do you just end up here by accident? Don’t hesitate to tell me, I’d really like to know what you really enjoy here! :) (Though I think I do have a pretty good idea from the likes some of my posts get.)

Again, THANK YOU for everything people and see you very soon for more! (I need MOAR!)

Three Zero Zero

So yeah, in other new I’ve reached three hundred posts! \o/


I think I had a lot more to say a few days ago when I realized I was going to reach three hundred posts but I forgot it all… And in my great intelligence I didn’t write any of it down…

Therefore I will simply thank you, dear readers, congratulate myself on this achievement and hope for the best in future months.

See you soon people! Very soon. :D