Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds is H. G. Swell!

I’ve just been slapped in the sci-fi muscle, the musical fibre, and the storytelling boner at the same time and, by my future handsome and well-maintained moustache, did it feel good!

If you have an hour and a half to spare, give a listen to this incredible audio journey in the world of other-worldy invaders, it’s definitely worth it.

Now, on to figuring out how to quench my thirst for more Martian-related sci-fi and perhaps a reading and viewing or two of the other forms this story possesses.

The Last Unicorn

So recently, well a few days ago actually, I have found myself being completely captivated by a single sentence that popped into my head at some point… I don’t know exactly when or why but it just did. And I couldn’t not think about it…

I have this small notebook you see, to write my ideas whenever I have something that comes to mind so that I don’t forget it and can get back to it later. Well in the middle of a class it sort of came to me and I kept repeating it to myself, over and over, and trying to voice my idea as well as I could, to put the perfect ensemble of words onto what was in my mind. Because you see, what I thought about wasn’t exactly a sentence, it was more like a concept, a feeling, the spark of a great idea that I immediately had to work on.

And it didn’t stop ’til the end of class and even then, I kept repeating it, trying to formulate it as best as I could. I started writing it, saying it out loud at the same time, working on it, re-writing, changing words, changing the order, and for almost and hour I was working on this lone sentence. I couldn’t explain why now but at the time it was evident, I had to do it, I felt this wonderful feeling of imagination, the rush of creation that sometimes takes over when I am working on my stories. So yeah. I just couldn’t help it.

Somehow this single sentence was comprised of an entire universe, it had its own deep meaning, its own complex story, it was a whole new world in and of itself. That is the best way I’ve found to try to describe what was going on it my mind at that time… You know, one of my teachers, who does a class on J.R.R. Tolkien and his whole work, told us that apparently the whole universe he created come from a single word he read in a poem at one point. Well, if you’ve ever heard of that or experienced something of the sort, or if you have felt a strange but exhilarating rush while writing or creating things (the ‘creative rush’ perhaps?) you know what I’m talking about.

So in the end I ended up working almost two hours on that sentence that time and then, for the next few days, kept it in the back of my mind all the time and still tried to make it perfect, I kept repeating it as often as I could to see how it felt. And finally I believe I’ve come up with a somewhat satisfying version of what I had in mind at that time. I can’t be sure because I still keep repeating it to myself now and then, but I feel like it got to a point where I can be proud of it. So here it is, I’m sharing with you the object of most of my creative thoughts of the past few days/weeks :


‘For in time you will learn to know the wonders of life…’


Yep. That’s all. I don’t know what t makes you feel or think but this is it. A simple, single, sentence. I don’t know why it came to me, or where from, but I’m glad it did because it somehow inspires me a lot and I feel that someday it might become so much more than just a sentence. Anyways, read it as many times as you want and enjoy! Or not. You choose. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this…

Also! Before you go! There is this video which I HAVE to share with you guys! I don’t know why but it’s a bit like that sentence, I can’t get it out of my mind and keep listening and watching it over and over. It’s so beautiful and moving. I can’t explain why exactly but right now, to me, it is. I don’t know why but some times, I have these things which I obsess over (a song, a video, a poem, …) and for a period I can’t think about/listen to anything else and it sort of becomes part of me and it inspires me and I find this feeling so great that I just have to try to share it! I can only hope that it will perhaps touch you too…

This is happening to me right now with the song The Last Unicorn by Passenger and more specifically the video clip that Nanalew (a Youtuber) made for it. I find it so amazing that I can’t help but share it with you so here you go, enjoy! :) :

And we’ll sit on our single beds
Nothing on our hearts and tears on our threads
For we know the last unicorn is dead

Gotta feel, gotta believe.


What a feeeeeeeeeling,

bein’s beliiiiiiieeeeeeeevin’

I can’t haaave it aaall,

now I’m daaancin’ for my liiiiiiiiiife

Take your paaassion,

and make it haaappeeen

Pictures come aliiive,

you can dance

right through your liiiiiiiiiife.




Welcome to your life; there’s no turning back,

I’d never lie to you and that’s a fact,

I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad.


Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down,

I’d run right into hell and back,

Going nowhere, going nowhere.


It’s my own desire, it’s my own remorse

Some days I pray for silence, some days I pray for soul

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take


Nothing ever lasts forever

When people run in circles;

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.


A little experiment, toying with ideas.

And there she was.

Seconds, minutes, months and years, I had been waiting through joys and tears.

For an angel to fall from heaven, for a woman to love at first sight.

We met on a cold and rainy night, on a platform in a small station,

I approached her -thank you old lady- feeling a bit of anxiety,

She was the bass player at the party, I said ‘hi’ and so did she reply.

For seconds, minutes, months and years, I’ve been missing this love of your mother’s.

Game of Thrones – Poem IV


House Stark


Bear arms and grit your teeth, open wide eyes and ears,

Beware of the dark night and the harsh cold wind,

For the north lands are vast and they full of fears.

One for all and all for one, none must be behind,

To the seven we pray against this harrowing,

For certain is one thing, the winter is coming.

Game of Thrones – Poem II


 House Targaryen


All those who oppose us, all those who despise us,

Shall burn in bright red flames high up on the pire.

And from ashes to ashes, unless they join us,

Our enemies shall perish in blood and fire.

By the seven, old and new, by the dragon god,

Forever we shall reign, in fire and in blood.