And we meet again…

“Well I must admit Mr. Jond, I am a bit disappointed…” Commented the man with the large scar as he slowly moved around the secret agent.

“I had heard that her majesty’s secret agents were… how to put it? Slightly more skilled?” He taunted again as he finally stopped in front of the green-eyed man, the dull thud echoing all around the room.

The dark-haired man tried to think of a good comeback for a moment but he found his mind didn’t work as well when he tried to focus on multiple things at the same time. Plus exhaustion was starting to get to him, he had been running non stop for almost an hour now and despite his training his stamina wasn’t infinite, he knew he had to do something fast but he still didn’t know what despite all his will.

“Well there is always time to learn, isn’t there?” He replied with a forced, but convincing, mocking smile.

Whatever the pinch he may find himself in, Bames Jond tried to never lose his wits or at least to make it seems like he never lost it.

“I hope you learn fast Mr. Jond, because this is your last chance. If you cannot stop me, it will be over for you!” Said his opponent.

Earlier in the day he had learned that large scar that covered part of his cheek down to his upper lip had been inflicted by the man’s mother at birth, when she had tried to kill him. His family had always been poor and he was an unwanted child, one mouth they couldn’t afford to feed. Fortunately he had been found on the verge of death by an old priest who had taken him in and done his best to tend to his hideous wound. He could apparently still feel the pain of the cut sometimes, as if he was eternally damned to suffer for hi existence.

“You will never win Reed!” Replied Bames as he focused on the sound.

“I will if your shots keep missing!” Exclaimed the lean blonde villain with a laugh as he looked directly in the secret agent’s eyes. “You’ll have to be better than that to stop me…”

Suddenly the thud stopped and agent 770 knew what to expect, he would try to feint first, motioning to shoot on one side and then shoot on the other as the british man jumped on the other. He wasn’t sure of himself but for once in his life Bames Jond prayed to whatever or whoever was all the way up there to let him be right, it was his last chance, if the shot hit its target he would be done for and it would all be over.

He tensed his legs and prepared to fake a jump to the side, waiting for the man to act first. A long second passed before finally he noticed the slight change in breath, the man moved his feet slightly and ran to one side before abruptly change direction. But Bames had predicted he would do that, or rather he had put all his faith in the fact he would do that, becoming completely oblivious to the rest. And he jumped to the side, as far up as he could, slowly extending his arms.

He saw the confident smile of Theodorus Reed crumble on his marked face as he saw his distraction hadn’t worked this time and his special shot was being countered. No, not countered, he thought, blocked. The ball fell back to the ground with a thud and before he could do anything the member of IM-7 that had been sent to stop him had already picked it up and dashed to the other side of the field. he heard the familiar clink of the metallic net moving to let the ball pass through and turned around.

A smile reappeared on his face as he saw the secret agent Bames Jond standing beyond the three pointer line, his extended arms slowly coming down as he looked at the villain with a confident smile.

“I’ve always been good at three pointer shots…” Commented the secret agent, sending yet another pique towards the villain.

“Yes, it seems you are not so bad at Basketball as I had thought Mister Jond. But it is not yet over for you, three points remain yet to be scored for both of us!” Said Theodorus Reed with one of his evil smile as he walked back to the center of the court.


Yeah, so I played Basketball with my brother the other day and we kept joking around pretending to be secret agents and making stupid comments on each other’s shots or dribbling skill and it sort of inspired this… I hope you enjoy!

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