Cruel kindness

Of those two none survived. Who would’ve though it would end like this?


They were two, longing to be together.

They were but lovers hiding behind masks,

Fated enemies destined to one task:

Each ending the life of one another.


None had ever thought to even suspect,

Hiding away deep, in hearts that would melt,

Oh for each held their clan’s utmost respect,

The feelings they shared, the passion they felt.


Destiny’s child is wicked and cruel.

The war-torn clans chose champions to duel,

The two broken souls fought there, brave and true.


Dying gradually at each other’s coups,

To breathe just once more in each other’s arms.

And thus set the sun, its light bright and warm.

Another idea that just jumped back in my mind. I had been thinkign about something of the sort for some time but I only really got to it today. Not the perfect work, not what I wanted to end up with in an ideal world but here it is anyway. Enjoy!

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