Such poetry, very wow.

Revel in my talent.


This is just a poem made out of random words,

It has not a meaning nor any real purpose,

But notice how it works despite being senseless,

‘Tis the most majestic of all existing turds.


Without any real thought and so lacking in depth,

Without any grammar or respect for language,

Oh, only he who writes, decides what he doeth,

And only he can choose what words go on his page.


Writing some poetry isn’t complicated,

Just find a good rhythm and then make the words rhyme,

Whatever the order, it will work out. Sometime.


You will get there whether or not you’re talented,

Just think of a colour, add a deep emotion,

And all that’s left to do is a tree to mention.

Oh but do try to make it readable though.

And yeah, I did just write that…

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