The reason I feel gay


Whatever might it be ? The reason that today

I feel so very gay. For I would even -glee!-

Sing my heart to a tree, and with a loud hurray,

Dance, run and laugh away, not caring who might see.

Is it the wide blue sky, up there, heavenly shroud,

I which some puffy clouds, to their hearts’ content, fly?

Or is it the bright sun, shining over my head

A thousand golden threads, and filling mine with fun?

I know not the answer to this complex riddle

But I shan’t stay idle and will make the better

Of what it’s to offer no matter how brittle.

With the warmth on my face and the wind on my skin,

Company of my kin, I feel right in my place.

Though, perhaps, I will chase that which they call lovin’.


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