Rather than all of this, ’tis because you are you.


It’s not your dress, though it suits you like a princess,

It’s not your shoes, though they do embellish your dress,

Not your necklace, which sparkles as bright as your eyes

Nor your makeup, your scarlet lips and your fair skin,


It’s not your hair, warm chestnut cascading in waves,

It’s not your nose, though that of an Egyptian queen,

It’s not your legs, graceful and soft and athletic,

Not your hands, soft and delicate, nimble and quick,


It’s not your mind, of thoughts beautiful treasure trove,

Not your accent, rolling sexily on your tongue,

Nor your kindness,  treating right those you live among,


It’s not the way you fancy looking at me my dear,

That is not the purpose of what I’m saying here,

Neither ’tis your smile, nor your undying love.


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