I have long wondered, but have since read,

That if out of two, one must choose one

Then to the first you might be thinking of

You should prefer the latter instead,

For if the foremost you truly liked

Then the question would not have been asked;

Though does, in life, this always hold true?

The heart has reasons reason knows not,

‘Tis all sometimes just jumbled in knots:

More queries come when answers are due.


I don’t know.

I feel really inspired by this, it came to me as I was watching the show The Office, I was reminded of something I had heard a long time ago and of something I had felt at one point and that the show had made me remember. I have a precise idea of what I want to refer to here but I’ll let you guess what it means and where I got the inspiration from in the show.

I really like this theme and I wanted to expand more but I think that any longer and the poem will lose its charm. I feel like it’s incomplete though…

Might come back to it later…

Anyways, in the meantime, enjoy! ;)

‘The heart has reasons reason knows not.’

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