Looking for what’s missing



Darling you know my heart is yours and yours alone

Since that cold autumn night when we met in the park,

It took only one look for me to feel the spark,

Oh barely a heartbeat for you to break the stone

Wall I had built around to keep myself from harm,

I had always been told never to trust with love,

But a single instant sufficed to work your charm.

I was yours then and there, waiting to be made of

Anything you wanted, to your heart’s desire,

Yes my dear I was yours, so complete and entire.

Lost in this new feeling, my heart beating so fast,

Oh I couldn’t care less about pains from the past,

In that instant I dreamt that you would take my hand

That you’d bring me along wherever you were gone,

We would run together, to a far away land

Where we’d sit on the beach and watch the sun at dawn.

But those were just wild thoughts of a lone man lovestruck,

I yearned for them to last, this dream never to end,

However life goes on no matter where you stand

Following its own plans not caring for the ruck.

To this day I don’t know how or why this happened,

But you suddenly stopped somewhere along your walk

And with that warm bright smile you came to me to talk

As if we were old friends; I instantly gladdened.

You were like an angel, I couldn’t look away,

I was instantly hooked by all that you would say,

The rest of the story, oh my love you know it,

We met, we laughed, we kissed, we hugged, we loved, we fit.

I have never doubted my feeling towards you,

Not even for a second did my heart waver,

There is no way to think my love for you untrue,

Until the day we part I am yours forever.

But I can see your smile, the twinkle in your eyes,

I hear it in your voice, I feel it in your touch,

The flame vacillating, sign of a love that dies,

I don’t know why that is, perhaps I hoped too much…

I can feel us drifting, slowly moving apart,

And I can’t stop the pain I feel deep in my heart,

I wonder what happened, I wonder what went wrong,

I try to understand why our love is not strong.

Though all of those questions seem not inclined to be

Answered by you or me; I try so hard to say

Something to you before, and you too, I can see,

It’s already too late, we have gone our own way.

Did I do something wrong? Did I not show enough

How much you meant to me? Or how deep was really

The love I had for you? Asking all this is tough,

So hard I almost cry; I never thought, silly,

That I’d lose you like this, no tears, no fight, just “bye”,

We don’t hate each other, love seems to have passed by…

I don’t know if you know just how much I miss you,

And sometimes I wonder, oh if you miss me too.


So here is something I wrote in one go, I let the feelings guide me through the words, only taking the time to correct the mistakes I could spot with one or two rereadings.

I don’t really know where it came from but I like it even if it’s not perfect. It never is anyways…

So here, enjoy.

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