And there he goes again,

there he goes again,

whizzing around the stars,

dancing in the ocean

of blue and shining wonders!

You can’t even begin,

begin to imagine

what he feels right now,

what goes through his head,

his mind is made of thousands

upon thousands of dream,

each better than the other,

taking him away

from where he lives his life,

taking him away,

so far but yet so close,

and he dances, he smiles,

-can’t you see his smile?-

he twirls, riding each mile,

he can see the beauty of it all

and marvel at the world,

answering the call

that echoes in his heart

since the beginning of time…

Finally he rides off,

deep into the night,

oh so far away,

towards adventure,

into the unknown,

never to come back

but always to stay…


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