You don’t have to stand up or stand out, just stand.




They tried to take me down,

They tried to make me drown,

Hateful words and comments,

No care for sentiments,

Their words cutting like knives,

-On my pain, oh it thrives!-

Tried to drive me crazy;

Everyday was hazy,

Drowned in a world of pain,

Trapped inside my own brain.


But at the end of the tunnel,

I saw a light, a bright fire,

And all this hate, I did channel,

To soar above, even higher.

A helping hand, just a kind word,

Helped me take arms, bring up my sword,

I could have fought but I did not,

Choosing to erase them from thought.


They tried to take me down,

They tried to make me drown,

But I stood up to them!

My friends, hear this anthem!

The pain, I shan’t forget,

Though never will I let

It rule over my life,

Again give in to strife.

For I am my own man,

The one who draws the plan,

Yes! I am now certain:

No matter gun or knife,

I am the sole captain

Of this ship that’s my life.


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