Within fire and storm


Within fire and storm,

Against all possible odds

He rides towards the dark

Refusing to bend his form,

Revolting against the gods!

Never again will he only bark

Now he bites also, to save his love

From the clutches of those above;

None can hope to stop anymore

This man angry to the core,

Not his greatest, mightiest foe

Nor his most cherished old friend,

For every reason they may throw

At him he will take down as he would a fiend,

Rage boils red as it flows in his veins

Dissipating all of his present pains

The strength to keep moving,

The will to remain among the living,

One burns bright while the other is gone

Freeing him from the anchors of this life,

Giving him power to overcome his strife,

Until all is finally said and done…


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