Only she

Only you


‘I’m not a romantic nor much sentimental,

My heart was never sweet; who dares call me gentle?!’

This is but a disguise, a clever thought mantle,

Which took a second to completely dismantle…

For as soon as I looked, as soon as I saw her,

The world turned to a blur, I was instantly hooked,

Came the electric shock, amorous contraption,

Oh the most powerful chemical reaction!

Our eyes met a moment, for a single instant,

And everybody heard, no matter how distant,

The deep, bright explosion shaking my whole being,

They heard the dam breaking, my emotions freeing.

They saw the perfect sound, heard the perfect color,

As I basked in pure joy, far removed from dolor.

It took a single touch of a hand, a soft breath,

To fill my head with thoughts of us in life; ’til death.

For as soon as we crossed gaze, beautiful white dove,

I knew immediately, I had fallen in love…


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