The man in the mist


And with him came the mist,

He was tall, pale and thin,

Head held high, creepy grin,

Weird, you get the gist.

He walked oh so slowly,

Each step deliberate,

Dark eyes looking coldly

As if settling your fate,

His arms were long and still,

Set to each of his sides,

His costume dark and grey,

Quite richly tailored too.

The way he looked at you,

Up high, seeking his prey,

As if he’s who decides;

Could have been the devil…


So, here is what I came up with when trying to work with the prompt I had imagined: “Something ‘mist-erious’. A short story revolving around mist and its mysteries.”.

I don’t really know what to think of it yet but I feel quite satisfied at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed and that you too were inspired by it!

If you want to take a look at the first prompt I offered or the text I came up with for it, don’t hesitate!


One thought on “The man in the mist

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