The young man and the tower


There once was a young man

Who travelled far and wide,

Oh this is how began

The tale to find his bride.

He rode across the land

Atop a young brown steed,

Across the desert sand

And wild plains of tall weed.

In search of adventure,

His spirit to pleasure,

Wherever his heart took

Him, he went, had to look.

On his journey he met

Many a new comrade,

True, he also did get

Enemies to make mad.

His travels never stopped,

For nothing ever topped

His desire to see

How far he could go, free.

Once, as mountains he crossed,

Below in a valley,

A plain covered in frost

And there in its center

A dungeon, finally!

Ripe for him to enter.

For long it had captured

The wild thoughts in his mind,

Its story enraptured

His heart; he had to find!

Finally it was there

And as he pushed the door,

Smelled mysterious air,

He was struck to the core

For it was there, the tale

Told, in an old prison

Was kept a princess – Grail! –

By a mighty dragon.

That’s truly where began

His fateful adventure,

And where from boy to man

Slowly he did venture.


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