Tempus Fugit


I can already see the wrinkles on my hands,

Feel the passage of time and, too, the weight of years,

Even though I am young I can hear the white sands

Fall through the hourglass, I have so many fears.

My life has come to this day, this precise moment

Without much pain, hardships or even excitement,

I live along the banks of this quiet river

Floating quite aimlessly towards my last shiver.

I may be wrong or right, I may be saved or lost,

For once I wish to live life whatever the cost,

Holy angels may weep and dark devils may dance

But I will never change that which is now my stance.

In lightning or in rain, when shall we meet again?

My whole soul I shall strain, nevermind searing pain,

For even a single small opportunity

To meet my heart’s desire: gain my humanity.


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