In the room above the house

Lives a small, lonely creature,

Not bigger than a grey mouse

But with no common feature;

It exists in the shadows

Of us long-legged human,

Navigating our condos

Like an experienced crewman.

It steals sweets to eat away

And sometimes socks for its lair,

Though only one from the pair

Leaving the other half stray.

Longing, searching for its kind

It roams in the dark of night,

Bathing sometimes in starlight,

To heal its old, weary mind,

Protecting our children’s dreams

And fighting away nightmares

With golden sand and moonbeams,

Invisible hero, there.


Not my best achievement but not so bad either. Rather satisfied of this one even if it somehow feels unfinished for some reason…

Also, yes, ‘condos’. I’m sorry…

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