Lullaby at dusk


In your strong, loving arms, against your weeping chest,

Let me calmly lie so I can finally rest,

I feel so very tired and exhausted and beat,

Let me lie, let me surrender to sleep my sweet,

Please lull me on my way with your beautiful voice

Let me have for my leave this one last selfish choice;

I sought to bring some warmth to people all around

I thought if I looked far an answer might be found,

I tried my very best, oh that to you I swear,

I tried all I could try, I bore all I could bear,

I fought against the world with my body and soul,

You might not see light yet nor comprehend the point

But fear not my dear, your hope you must not aroint

For as I lie here, curled, I can see you are whole.


Aroint or a way to say begone in the olden tongue.

Also, involuntary sonnet…


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