The vale


In the heavens, stars are hidden,

Far over the misty valley

Night has come ever so slowly,

Now they awaken, the seven.

Soulless red eyes, always watching,

None can escape their piercing gaze,

Trapping them all inside the maze

Of their own lives, their thoughts catching.

Only a god or a madman

Would dare defy the curator,

Would dare to meet their creator,

To go back where it all began.

At first it was the only way,

Whether or not it was correct,

To keep them safe and to protect,

To keep the other ones at bay,

But as time passed it never stopped,

Dark waves, one after the other,

From the belly of earth mother

Until every freedom was dropped…

And now the seven awaken,

As the black veil covers the sky,

Far over the clouds, where stars fly;

Who can reclaim what was taken?


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