Naval stroy


Never in my life had I felt thorns or poison

Of the simplest of these, but most hurtful, treasons,

Always had I dreamed that it would come to reason

And that it would fade with the passing of seasons

But my hopes were in vain, such conflict never ends

And sooner or later it is passion that bends.

Her skin that of honey and her eyes dark chocolate

Her sweet taste always rolled on my loving palate.

In these islands of ours none knew the hidden truth

For in strife or in war, as in life or in lore,

We were enemies bound, recipient of no ruth,

For afterlife we swore : man and wife to the core.

Such a beautiful story this tale could have been

But Fate in all grandeur keeps her old mocking grin,

We have breathed the same air, sailed the same blue waters,

Seen the beauties of life and… said all that matters?

Salt and water, now seeping into my wounds, burn,

As I slowly sink into the ever dark deeps,

High over me I can hear the canons still churn

And all around me this familiar ocean weeps…


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