Romance dawn


I am a romantic to the core

For I love the secrets of life’s lore,

The ones you look for, the ones you seek,

The ones that to your heart deeply speak.

What makes a great secret you might ask?

In my knowledge I shall no more bask:

A great secret is made not by light

But by the shadow behind it cast,

Its existence majestic as night

So long as impregnable walls last.

You may listen well but never hear,

You may look carefully, there and here,

Though with your soul or hands never touch

Only ever surmise such and such

For once discovered, secret no more,

And great legend quickly comes to bore…

Oh how I relish the sweet, sweet taste

The feral need, the urge to give chase

To these well-guarded and ever chaste

But deepest dark thoughts fallen from grace!

The blood boiling, running in my veins,

The ragged breath, the drums in my head,

Excitement as approaches my dread,

Harlequin smile; I rattle their brains.


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