If one should find themselves lost in unending doubt,

Devoid of ideas or lacking inspiration

Nothing helps like a good intellectual bout

With strange new concepts to find roots of creation.

Each of us has a heart that we must cultivate

Whether ’tis with learning or loving or with art

One must keep their passion as fire, not dead wait

For once it is too late who can vow to restart?

As the old adage states: Rome was not built in days,

Each step taken forward no matter on which path

Is equally vital for there are many ways

And all shall reach their goal were you to do the math.

Your spirit is the map, your heart is the compass,

The choice rests in your hands, the world is you canvas;

Be you with the many or be you with the few,

Trust your ability, find what a-muses you!


I’m using a musing amusing muse.

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