Fairy tales


A gaze of steel or a smile of red

Could either kill you completely dead

Or render you purely powerless

Without a worry, a heart lawless.

One would not even have time to sense

The quick and deadly poisonous sting,

Would in no time – no need of pretense –

Fall, consumed by sleep everlasting;

Innocent snow, lying in the wood,

White as shadow fallen from above,

Waiting for a prince, a Robin Hood,

To rescue with a kiss of true love.

Trapped in your own mind, castle of glass,

Able to see, to hear and to feel

The world shift around you and time pass

But unable to move, head to heel,

How could you keep your heart ever pure

And with courage fight off its darkness

With knowledge that there is not a cure

Save a fairy tale void of fairness?

So in these forests of old stories

Where the big bad wolf meets little girls

And where young heroes claim past glories,

Reader, hear how the story unfurls.


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