Be tall, be strong and be handsome they said,

Be kind, be gentle, keep a level head.

Be proud of yourself and what you can do,

But don’t do better than those around you,

Be the most beautiful and so unique,

But not too different it’d make them speak…

Be happy or rich but don’t work too hard

For many before you have returned scarred.

Be loving and caring to all around

Lest they act differently on our ground.

Be open-minded, be intelligent,

Do not ask, just follow; be diligent.

Be crazy, be clever and change the world!

Be sane, don’t you see what is at us hurled?

How am I to know who am I to be

If you will not say what you want from me?


Not my best. One of the first in a while that I know I will have to rework.

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