Little Heart


Oh but see, little heart,

You have to learn to part

With the flames of passion,

The throes of emotion,

For love creates deep scars

That burrow in the years

And in which run the tears

That forge the solid bars

Of your unseen prison.

Perhaps there’s a reason

To this pain you endure

And perhaps there is not,

Perhaps your heart is caught

In a maze of feeling

That prevents from healing

By mislaying the cure.

Perhaps your life will end

Tonight under the moon

Or prehaps Death will send

It’s herald to speak thus:

“Not yet, it is too soon,

Your big heart is afuss.

Now listen to the song

Of the old stars, my dear,

And softly sing along;

Oh feel your darkest fear

Reveal itself and prong;

Face off its evil sneer,

‘Tis proof that you are strong

And that you are still here.”

Learn but do not obey,

Feel but do no forget,

Let none make your heart sway

From your future regret.


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