In a sea of stars


My heart is an ocean of pale moons and bright stars,

As endless as the sky and so, ever so, deep,

I surf upon a wave of dreams that need no sleep

Through an ancient forest of old and painful scars,

Oh the wonders there are, the gardens, the temples,

The great statues of gods to which men bend the knee,

The innocent flower that another tramples,

In the night a lighthouse casting hope to the sea,

By day always a tree reaching out to the world

And from its lively leaves a million tears rain pearled;

As hard as I may try I only see a few

Though none has caught my eye as beautiful as you…

I travel through ages, ages and ages more

Listening to the song, the universe’s score,

What I seek I know not, is it truth or freedom?

No. Neither. Oh Love, tell me where is thine kingdom!


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