The god of the forest


When he awakes from rest,

The god of the forest.


Can you smell this perfume?

The sweet and pleasant scent

Rising up as a fume

As we make our descent.

Keep your mind to yourself,

Breathe in and count to six,

Watch out for the dark elf

And let him not play tricks;

Come, we must not cower

Before this land of night

Where day has no power,

Where awaits unknown fright.

Oh but I feel no fear

For I am by your side,

Only doubt: can you steer

Any danger aside?

Trust in us, we have gained

The blessings of the god

Of the forest who, pained,

Has given us this rod

To find our way safely

To the land of the free.

Friend I trust you greatly

But under the sky tree

Where we received our gift

Did you not see upon

The face of the World’s son

A dark shade ever swift?

What speak you of dear fool,

Has all your faith vanished?

We were given this tool

To defeat the banished!

This is our sole mission

And we shall not retreat!

My faith and my passion

Are indeed still complete,

It is this place of dread

That, of my whole being,

Has now taken ahold…

Worry not of the cold

Neither of not seeing

For soon you shall be dead!

Said a voice in the dark

As raspy as old bark…


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