How do you know?


When you meet an angel. How do you know? I mean… Can you know? How can you be sure?

I… I’m not sure… I couldn’t say… Perhaps, yes. Though I can’t be sure…


Why what?

Why can’t you be sure?

Because… Well, because… I… I don’t know…

But how would you, if you had to? How would you say?

Uhm… well… probably, I think, someone extraordinary. And beautiful… But not just beautiful beautiful, I mean… Beautiful in their looks of course, perhaps… But also in their kindness, beautiful in their intelligence and in their whole existence… Someone… extraordinary. Someone amazing. Someone who would take your breath away in an instant, someone who would make you go wow… But not just for an instant, someone who would make you go wow each time you saw them, each day, when you would wake up and when you would go to bed. Someone… someone so special, you would be able to see among a crowd of hundreds of people, someone whose voice you could recognize anywhere and that you would even hear in your dreams… Someone you would think about all the time, someone who would think about you too… the same way you think of them…  Someone extraordinary in their ordinariness…


Yeah, really… That’s how I would describe an angel, that’s how I… I think that’s how I would know if I ever saw one. If I had to say…



Why what?

Why do you ask?

Because… Because I think I found one. An angel I mean. I didn’t see any wings nor a halo but… It was an angel that I saw, I’m sure…

Oh really?


I’m not really sure.

I guess I just felt like it…

Don’t ask.

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