A dream of dreams


When I was a child I dreamed

Of fortified castles and dragons,

Of spaceships and being beamed,

Of a train with a thousand wagons,

So long until I was content,

I dreamt of great battles and excitement,

To be the one who would invent

The colours of the rainbow,

Of free time and enchantment,

I dreamed of hate, I dreamt of love,

Of a ship made of stone and me at its bow,

Of an ancient magical glove

That could take me into the stars,

I dreamed of incredible robot cars,

Of flying like a bird high in the sky,

I saw monsters so frightening

From which I was running as fast as lightning

Not knowing if I would wake up to cry,

When I was a child I dreamt

Of princesses and lost cities,

Of candy in great quantities,

But now it is over; I am contempt.


A small simple poem inspired by this song.

Un petit poème simple inspiré par cette chanson.

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