The Bonemaker


Unvanquised, unbeaten,

He walked upon this earth

With not a single fear,

Naught could ever sweeten

Or earn the slightest worth

In his heart, there or here,

He was the Bonemaker,

He who would rock to sleep

Kingdom or empire,

The bane of his maker,

The wolf among the sheep,

The flame on the pyre;

They say riverbeds dried

And great mountains crumbled,

They say cold rain and salt

Remained of those who tried,

They say all hearts trembled

Yet his came to a halt;

A living world-breaker,

Breathing cataclysm,

To even those who bent

He was the Bonemaker,

Tears and blood were chrisom

To him and his advent,

His name was barely breathed

In the darkest of night

For fear of his shadow,

Even beyond eyes sheathed

It would instill much fright

Leaving young souls hollow,

He was the Bonemaker,

He who could tear down keep

And citadel and sire,

The ruthless life-taker

The devil from the deep;

What could he aspire?


Fear, fear, for here comes the Bonemaker.

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