Stay awake


Stay awake,

Take a breath,

Keep moving,

Step by step,

If you stop then all is lost,

Or if you stare at the cost

Then forget whatfor you wish

And watch precious dreams vanish,

If you just wait for the day

That success shall come to you

Then do be ready to pay

For all what you did too few,

Let your heart

Rest a while,

Close your eyes,

Sleep tonight,

What you may not do today

You can achieve tomorrow,

If you seem to lose your way

Look afar for the lighthouse

And remember: the sorrow

Stops not even the small mouse,

Wait for light

And sunrise,

Fake a smile,

Play your part,

But follow words of the wise :

Do as if until you can,

And before long the disguise

Will have yielded to the man,

Do it well enough for some

If in doubt or simply lost,

The next step shall always come

And the cold heart will defrost,

In evening

As in morn

You are you,

You are strong.


Hmmm, somehow it will, have faith in your trust.

Cheesy but eh…

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