Me, afloat


I’ll find my way

I shall never give up


Over mounts and valleys

As high as the heavens

As deep as the old well,

Across forests and seas,


Never, I shall never give up

And I will find my way


Through days by the sevens

Nights even deeper still

And minutes born to kill,

Like a bat out of hell;

Upon a creaking stage

Runs this desertly ink

In sinews of fever

Carried by the young page.


I swear I’ll find my way

Down this path or the next

I can never give up


Along each, every link

Of this prisonless cell

– Gone, gone, gone, with the bell –

‘Cause I’m a believer…


Never, I want never give up

I’ll find my way to you…


See ya later, ‘gator.

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