Mr. Tea


Prompt from WriterCookie but found here!

I wanted to do this prompt because I, contrary to many people who do it I suppose, do not like tea and have never enjoyed drinking it. I’d much rather have a good cup of hot chocolate or a glass of apple juice than tea. Now, I don’t mean to say I hate tea, no that’s wouldn’t be true, I like the concept but I don’t like drinking it, just like coffee.

What I do like about tea though is that it reminds me of people. My girlfriend,because she just can’t have enough of it, she love drinking it at night in front of a movie or before going to bed or while she is working on her lessons. It also reminds me of my mother and my grandmother, from the time when she was still alive, I remember the time they both tried to make me drink tea to try to see if I liked it. I’m sure it was a very good cup of tea but I have never been able to finish it and in the end they had to empty it in the sink because I really didn’t like it.

For me tea is something that I associate with these persons, and with England and funny jokes, but not something I am an active part of. I’m more an observer of tea than a drinker. I might try again one day but for the moment I’m just very happy to be where I am.


There, 253 words. Not bad.

One thought on “Mr. Tea

  1. I don’t like tea either. I prefer coffee. I only really drink it when I visit my piano teacher (socially). It is something that reminds me of people, too. Especially my mother and granny. Thank you so much for taking part!


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