I always wanted to be someone,

I always thought I wanted to be

Somebody, anybody, anyone,

As long as I could grasp my life’s worth,

That one day I would make them all see,

That I would be ‘He who walks this earth’,

But now… oh now… I am not so sure;

Perhaps I have finally found the cure…?

No, I don’t want to be invisible,

I don’t want to be the famed lead star

Of this wild and ever-changing show,

– No more shall I be divisible –

Let me not act nor watch from afar,

I will not shine but neither lie low,

I know my path and will follow the route

Of my own destiny, let it play out,

No matter the hardships I shall rise

For I have found my audience in her eyes.


Well. Here is something.

The eye


There is this unknown eye looming in the distance,

Glowing as bright as fire there, somewhere in the dark,

And I can never say when I shall see the spark

Or where it will appear, for all my resistance

I cannot ever seem to evade its cold gaze,

It appears not evil nor any kind of good

– In its heart I saw no wicked intention blaze –

Never getting closer but never going far,

It is always around near the edge of the wood

Brightly piercing the world as if a brand new scar.

Though I know its presence, though I know its features,

I know not its purpose, I know not the reason

Why hell, the heavens, or any of their creatures,

Would watch over my soul throughout every season.

The eye has its reasons which my reason knows not

And wondering further would just result in naught…




A qui veut essayer l’art de la rhétorique

Sans autre pratique que celle du papier :

L’esprit de l’escalier t’attend sur le palier.

Car le mot juste et fort -poignard bien ascéré-

Se fait parfois retord et nous force à errer.

Comme le dit l’adage : la parole est d’argent mais le silence est d’or.

Plutôt que le partage de la verve, ces gens qui ne sont point cador,

Devraient donc s’abstenir sous peine de rougir.




In a temple aeons old

Hidden in an ancient wold

Stands a statue tall and gold

Of a being long foretold.

On a throne alabaster

Before which none can muster

Courage, even lackluster,

Sat, of all men, the master.

A king with a heart acold,

Whose story time shall withhold.

As the sights slowly unfold

Before the eyes of the bold,

In this great hall no whisper.

By his side a giant spear,

At his feet: diamond river,

His face a mask of silver.


Ozymandias was his name,

From the stars they say he came.

As grand and proud was his frame,

Dark and bloody was his fame.

Many years lasted his reign

In conflict, bloodshed and pain.

For the reason he became

King was his thirst just to tame.

None before could ever claim,

Nor after, to be the same;

‘Tis said he, without refrain,

What desire he would deign

Look upon, pursue and gain,

‘Til his eyes on it were lain.

‘Tis said he would never tire.

And too he built a tower

From earth and wind and fire

So high all things were lower,

That he wielded such power

Even the gods would cower.

An hommage (which I hope worthy) to the poem of the same name by Shelley.

I don’t know why but that name, Ozymandias, echoes in my mind and inspires me in ways I can’t really explain. It’s just so mysterious and unique…

Midnight dream


‘Tis a midnight dream

In which it would seem

I am loving you

More than you ever knew.

‘Tis a fantasy

Of just you and me

Dancing round and round

Oh together bound.


‘Tis a midnight dream

In which it would seem

I am loving you

More than you may see.

‘Tis a fantasy

Oh just me and you

Dancing round and round,

We, forever bound.


Here is something I was stuck with all evening…

I don’t really know if I’m quite satisfied with it. I felt really inspired writing that but I don’t know…

Anyways, I couldn’t decide which version I liked most, the first one had a verse that is one syllable too long which somehow doesn’t feel right but does at the same time.

And the second one I find slightly less poetic.

I don’t know. You decide. Enjoy! ;)

Des quatre coins



A magician came from the south,

– Traveler of vast horizons –

He came one day without notice

Bringing with him wind, sand and stars.


Words all golden out of his mouth

Could mold from any one season

With deep power forged in pain twice,

Legacy of his avatar.


Radiant silver tides rode in suite

Singing the words of the world song

In clear voices of angel pure,

Telling the tales of ages past.


A floating scent, oh honey sweet,

Projecting an aura so strong

To any harm it was a cure,

For before her no evil lasts.


The Last Unicorn

So recently, well a few days ago actually, I have found myself being completely captivated by a single sentence that popped into my head at some point… I don’t know exactly when or why but it just did. And I couldn’t not think about it…

I have this small notebook you see, to write my ideas whenever I have something that comes to mind so that I don’t forget it and can get back to it later. Well in the middle of a class it sort of came to me and I kept repeating it to myself, over and over, and trying to voice my idea as well as I could, to put the perfect ensemble of words onto what was in my mind. Because you see, what I thought about wasn’t exactly a sentence, it was more like a concept, a feeling, the spark of a great idea that I immediately had to work on.

And it didn’t stop ’til the end of class and even then, I kept repeating it, trying to formulate it as best as I could. I started writing it, saying it out loud at the same time, working on it, re-writing, changing words, changing the order, and for almost and hour I was working on this lone sentence. I couldn’t explain why now but at the time it was evident, I had to do it, I felt this wonderful feeling of imagination, the rush of creation that sometimes takes over when I am working on my stories. So yeah. I just couldn’t help it.

Somehow this single sentence was comprised of an entire universe, it had its own deep meaning, its own complex story, it was a whole new world in and of itself. That is the best way I’ve found to try to describe what was going on it my mind at that time… You know, one of my teachers, who does a class on J.R.R. Tolkien and his whole work, told us that apparently the whole universe he created come from a single word he read in a poem at one point. Well, if you’ve ever heard of that or experienced something of the sort, or if you have felt a strange but exhilarating rush while writing or creating things (the ‘creative rush’ perhaps?) you know what I’m talking about.

So in the end I ended up working almost two hours on that sentence that time and then, for the next few days, kept it in the back of my mind all the time and still tried to make it perfect, I kept repeating it as often as I could to see how it felt. And finally I believe I’ve come up with a somewhat satisfying version of what I had in mind at that time. I can’t be sure because I still keep repeating it to myself now and then, but I feel like it got to a point where I can be proud of it. So here it is, I’m sharing with you the object of most of my creative thoughts of the past few days/weeks :


‘For in time you will learn to know the wonders of life…’


Yep. That’s all. I don’t know what t makes you feel or think but this is it. A simple, single, sentence. I don’t know why it came to me, or where from, but I’m glad it did because it somehow inspires me a lot and I feel that someday it might become so much more than just a sentence. Anyways, read it as many times as you want and enjoy! Or not. You choose. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this…

Also! Before you go! There is this video which I HAVE to share with you guys! I don’t know why but it’s a bit like that sentence, I can’t get it out of my mind and keep listening and watching it over and over. It’s so beautiful and moving. I can’t explain why exactly but right now, to me, it is. I don’t know why but some times, I have these things which I obsess over (a song, a video, a poem, …) and for a period I can’t think about/listen to anything else and it sort of becomes part of me and it inspires me and I find this feeling so great that I just have to try to share it! I can only hope that it will perhaps touch you too…

This is happening to me right now with the song The Last Unicorn by Passenger and more specifically the video clip that Nanalew (a Youtuber) made for it. I find it so amazing that I can’t help but share it with you so here you go, enjoy! :) :

And we’ll sit on our single beds
Nothing on our hearts and tears on our threads
For we know the last unicorn is dead

In these locks

In these locks


Not before did I understand,

In all those songs and all my reads,

The true value of these long strands,

The real beauty of those thin threads.


Her hair was long and cascading

Of warm bronze colour, calm beauty,

Oh, all these years – how many? –

Took it to grow to this dreaming?


If I could touch, if I could feel,

If in these soft locks I could pass

My fingers and, oh so gently…

If, just for a second, I dared…


Welcome to life.

I feel crazy. I’m excited, elated, unable to rest, focus nor calm down. Ideas, so many ideas. Or, more seriously, flashes, bribes, pieces of ideas, coming, going, dancing all around me, toying with me, my emotions and my memory. I have beginnings, ends and a thousand romances in between my fingers but none of them can I write down because of this unstable state of mind. Jumping from Ore to Alexandre then to the one with the magic ink writer back to the Halfling and so on and so forth. every moment of every second! I want to make something out of this, out of these ideas. Something good, something great, I want to write, to tell my stories, but I can’t… not until I settle down and make a choice, decide, choose, set the course and follow a single path. So many possibilities. Exhilerating, annoying, awesome feeling but frustrating. With ifs I could rebuild the world from scratch. But that’s not what I wanna do, I want to build my world from scratch. I want to, I need to, I have to, I will. But how? When? Soon. Perhaps. I hope. I can’t decide. I can’t write if I can’t decide. I have to write. Damn it!


So this is something that I wrote an evening, a few days ago, as I was trying to write something but couldn’t manage for my life to write down anything I had in mind. I just went with the feeling and let the pen do what it had to, I let my hand guide itself and came up with this rant. I don’t know why but tonight a song reminded me of this rant and the feeling I had in my heart while I was writing it. I have such amazing stories to write, such great ideas I don’t manage to make the most of… It’s extremely frustrating! You can’t even imagine! Or perhaps you can, I don’t know… But I the worst is that I realized that this doesn’t only apply to my writing, it also happens in the rest of my life too!I’m not someone who can manage to get motivated without any reason or to be serious and dedicated in doing things.

‘I have beginnings, ends and a thousand romances in between my fingers but none of them can I write…’

Especially my studies and finding a job.I try but not enough and, as soon as it gets hard or complicated I avoid it as best I can. Unconsciously or consciously I don’t know but it does happen. And in writing it happens too, I try but when I struggle I move on to something else and don’t try hard enough… It’s a big problem. I realize that but getting over it is extremely hard. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, at least not easily or very quickly, but I am working on it. I will be trying harder, even my hardest, to work on my writings because it’s one of the only things I really feel motivated for! Also I will try to apply some of that motivation to my studies, I like what I’m doing this year, I can’t screw things up, I have to suck it up and just do it.

If I try hard enough then, one day, perhaps…

Anyway, I’m not here to rant, just to try to explain what motivated me to write this and what I feel. I don’t know why, I just had to do it… I think that this song is not for nothing in this feeling : “J’essaye, j’essaye” from the Casseurs Flowters, a french singer (or band I don’t really know), which I just discovered and fell in love with. I’m not usually a fan of the genre of music they make but this time I seem to really be growing fond of it. Both the melody and the lyrics stir something inside me in a way that I don’t really understand but that I can feel deeply. Especially during the parts where the old woman sings. I can’t explain it, I can just feel it. It’s a bit like when I read poems that, without knowing, I end up loving for reasons unknown to me. And I wanted to share it a bit with you, somehow hoping you could get what I feel or at least what I mean or try to mean…

Anyways, that’s all for tonight, thank you all and enjoy. :)

♪ J’essaye, j’essaye de faire de mon mieux et je m’ennuie quand tout devient sérieux. ♫

(I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand the lyrics but both the meaning and the melody are worth listening to, at least they really get to me.)

Oh, and just before I go : no Echoes of Power tonight, I have literally no idea about how I’m going to write the next part which is very important and is going to (hopefully) start the really interesting part of the story (I also have very little motivation, which really doesn’t help). So yeah, no update on that side today, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have figured out how I want to write this and with great luck you might even get two parts instead of one. Who knows… In the mean time, have a great evening and see you later.