I always wanted to be someone,

I always thought I wanted to be

Somebody, anybody, anyone,

As long as I could grasp my life’s worth,

That one day I would make them all see,

That I would be ‘He who walks this earth’,

But now… oh now… I am not so sure;

Perhaps I have finally found the cure…?

No, I don’t want to be invisible,

I don’t want to be the famed lead star

Of this wild and ever-changing show,

– No more shall I be divisible –

Let me not act nor watch from afar,

I will not shine but neither lie low,

I know my path and will follow the route

Of my own destiny, let it play out,

No matter the hardships I shall rise

For I have found my audience in her eyes.


Well. Here is something.

The eye


There is this unknown eye looming in the distance,

Glowing as bright as fire there, somewhere in the dark,

And I can never say when I shall see the spark

Or where it will appear, for all my resistance

I cannot ever seem to evade its cold gaze,

It appears not evil nor any kind of good

– In its heart I saw no wicked intention blaze –

Never getting closer but never going far,

It is always around near the edge of the wood

Brightly piercing the world as if a brand new scar.

Though I know its presence, though I know its features,

I know not its purpose, I know not the reason

Why hell, the heavens, or any of their creatures,

Would watch over my soul throughout every season.

The eye has its reasons which my reason knows not

And wondering further would just result in naught…




A qui veut essayer l’art de la rhétorique

Sans autre pratique que celle du papier :

L’esprit de l’escalier t’attend sur le palier.

Car le mot juste et fort -poignard bien ascéré-

Se fait parfois retord et nous force à errer.

Comme le dit l’adage : la parole est d’argent mais le silence est d’or.

Plutôt que le partage de la verve, ces gens qui ne sont point cador,

Devraient donc s’abstenir sous peine de rougir.


Stanley – 33


Season 2

Part 33

Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

“Uh oh…”, she said.

Michel looked up at her, his eyebrows frowned. he appeared not to have noticed anything.

“Trouble…”, she simply added, discreetly pointing to the three men.

As hard as she may have been thinking he would, the bearded man did not turn his head immediately, instead he stared at the window, looking at the reflection of the restaurant to see what she meant. Wow, he’s not as thick as I imagined, she thought. Well, not up there at least, she added with a smirk which, unfortunately, quickly disappeared as she remembered what was going on. The three strangers had entered the restaurant like cowboys entering a saloon, completely confident and proud of themselves, and they had reasons to be so! They were tall, buffed and all seemed extremely intimidating with their black suits, their black glasses and their neatly combed short hair. A normal person would have done everything they could to avoid even having eye contact with them, one could feel the strength of their gaze even through the tinted glass. They took a look around, slowly scanning the perimeter, as if they were looking for something. Or someone.

Stephanie had almost hoped that they weren’t there for Michel and her. Perhaps they are just coming here for a simple meal, she thought as she took a sip of her soda, still discreetly looking at them. Unfortunately she was wrong, they were there for the two of them, for as soon as they took a look at the whole room, making sure the way was clear, they approached their table without even a hint of hesitation. Damn it…, cursed the young woman. How did they know we were here so fast? How did they even know it was us? We made sure to cover our faces when we escaped and the cops following us weren’t able to see us clearly, I’m sure of it. Plus we were careful not to leave any DNA on the scene. So how?! She couldn’t explain this. Somehow the government -because these guys were clearly not cops or private goons, they belonged to the government, probably a well hidden branch too- had already heard of them and was tracking them.

“Do you think we should try to run?”, Michel asked quietly.

Stephanie shook her head.

“No,” she replied as discreetly, “we still aren’t sure they are here for us, plus I’m sure they’re armed. Let’s wait a bit more. But be ready to act when I give you the signal…”

“Le signal? Quel signal?”, Michel asked, confused.

The young woman did not reply, moving slightly to get in a more comfortable sitting position as the government agents closed in on them. She was racking her brain to try to find an explanation to their presence so soon and a plan to get out of there if things went awry. Was it possible they were from… No, she thought, impossible. Or is it? She couldn’t say. She had heard things, rumors, about a special branch of the government, a very very very VERY secret agency that took care of… special cases. Cases involving events that weren’t really explainable with normal logic, mysterious disappearances, etc. But these were all heresays, and bad hearsays at that, nothing more. She had no assurance that it was linked to them. They couldn’t… they couldn’t have known about her, could they? No, it had been so long… She had the urge to get up and run away immediately, she didn’t want to see if what she had heard was true, but she couldn’t. If she did they’d surely catch her. She had to wait and take them by surprise if she wanted to make it out… But how?, she thought as the three men stopped besides her and Michel’s table. She didn’t know yet, she’d have to improvise… In the meantime she turned her head towards them and smiled.

“Hello! Is something wrong?”, she asked as innocently as possible.

To be continued…

Stanley – 32


Season 2

Part 32

Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

She had the impression they had been running for hours as they finally slowed down to a normal walking pace. They entered the fast food, trying to act as normal as possible despite their heavy breathing and the fact that both of them were drenched in sweat. They sat down at a table after ordering something to eat; Michel had insisted he “fill his belly with the sweet delight of fast cuisine” and she hadn’t had the heart to say no, her stomach rumbling at the smell of those delicious fries. Her partner started devouring his meal immediately and she followed in turn, both famished after having to run away from that horde of cops.

They had been halfway through the second rooftop when they had heard the shouts of police officers telling them to stop coming from the stairway behind them. How they had managed to get up there so fast was something Stephanie couldn’t explain but they had managed it. Of course neither of them had hesitated even a single second before starting to run faster, she couldn’t get caught, especially not after what she had done. She didn’t manage to stop herself from cringing at the thought, it had all been for naught… Plus she didn’t have a very fond memory of prison cells. Apparently Michel wasn’t too keen on letting himself get caught either because he lead the way without slowing down.

Where the shouts of the police officers had not even fazed her a bit, the first gunshots had almost made her freeze on the spot, almost. It had been surprising, she had never heard a gunshot from such little distance and the whizzing of the bullets as they rushed past both of them was quite surprising too but, since Michel didn’t skip a beat in his run, she didn’t stop and kept running. They had cut it close, very close even, she had to admit that. Even with all her good will and the energy she put into moving her legs one in front of the other at the highest speed possible she couldn’t help but being a little scare, or, more precisely, a bit apprehensive. Being on a rooftop wasn’t that dangerous in itself if one knew how to keep one’s balance and not to do anything stupid. The problem is that they were doing all the stupid possible at that moment: running at full speed, not caring where they stepped, running away from cops and being shot at. Not the most clever thing she had done in her life…

She had barely felt anything as the bullet had grazed her on the right side of her chest, making a hole in her jacket, it had been the feeling of wetness and the dizziness that had come after that had alerted her that something was wrong. She hadn’t said anything though, not before they had managed to get back down to the street. Then, and only then, as the cries of the police officers on the rooftops could still be heard, she had told Michel.

“Let’s get to the car first , we’ll see that then,” she had replied as he had advised to check her wound.

They had driven off as quickly as possible, somehow evading all the police cars on the way and had finally ended up in the commercial zone. Michel had parked the car near a mall and had bought a few supplies to treat her wound while she was evaluating the damage. In the end it hadn’t been to serious, a gash on her side and nothing more. Still hurting but with a clean wound and a reassured mind, they had walked in the nearest fast food to grab a quick bite. And here they were, unsure of what to do next, if they had been tracked by the police or if they were now fugitives. After all, the cops hadn’t been close enough to get a look at their faces so they most likely were safe, but one never knew. Stephanie was starting to relax, thinking back to the apartment and the clues they had found as she ate her chicken burger, when she saw the three men in black suits walk in the room.

To be continued…

Stanley – 31


Season 2

Part 31

Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

The dark-haired young woman and her more-light-colored-hair friend were about to move out of the apartment towards the staircase when they suddenly heard the police sirens that had been in the background since a few minutes ago ring out much closer and tires screeching as cars came to a halt in front of the building. They both stopped in their tracks as they were about to walk towards the elevator and looked at each other.

“Do you think we should go check it out très chère?” Asked Michel after a few seconds spent trying to figure out what was indeed happening.

Stephanie simply nodded before rushing back into the apartment and looking out the window. She immediately froze as she saw almost a dozen policemen in uniforms rush out of their cars and enter by the front door. The young woman somehow immediately knew they were coming exactly where they were, how she knew that would remain a mystery but somehow she did.

“Damn it!” She swore as she backed away and looked at Michel who had looked out the window too.

“What do we do maintenant?” He asked with a tense expression.

“I don’t know…” Replied the young woman as her brain fumed, trying to come up for a solution to get out of the hellhole they were trapped in.

They couldn’t leave by the front entrance, it would seem to suspicious but they couldn’t very well stay there either because it would almost certainly insure their capture and their prosecution as The Duck’s murderers. No one would believe them if they tried to explain what they were doing here, especially not her. Plus everything would come to light, everything she had had to do. The young woman shivered at the thought. No, it couldn’t happen, they had to get out.

“This way?”

She turned towards the bearded man as she heard his voice, he was pointing towards the window. As her eyes followed his well muscled and tanned arm she imagined herself being wrapped in it and relishing the moment as her mind went back to the previous night. Then she saw the staircase and it all became clear, the fog clouding her mind seemed to go away and she let a smile spread across her face as she understood what he meant. Of course! She thought. The emergency staircase! 

“Yes, you’re a genius!” She exclaimed as she gave him a kiss on the cheek before rushing towards the red metallic structure outside the window.

Michel followed her closely after closing the window as best as he could behind him. They ran as fast as they could up the stairs, hearing the sounds of policemen entering the apartment soon after they had exited it. The young woman thanked the upcoming summer and all those sessions at the gym for her cardiovascular system’s good shape. They finally arrived on the roof after a few seconds of silent effort and she didn’t have time to catch her breath as they started moving again.

To be continued…

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In a temple aeons old

Hidden in an ancient wold

Stands a statue tall and gold

Of a being long foretold.

On a throne alabaster

Before which none can muster

Courage, even lackluster,

Sat, of all men, the master.

A king with a heart acold,

Whose story time shall withhold.

As the sights slowly unfold

Before the eyes of the bold,

In this great hall no whisper.

By his side a giant spear,

At his feet: diamond river,

His face a mask of silver.


Ozymandias was his name,

From the stars they say he came.

As grand and proud was his frame,

Dark and bloody was his fame.

Many years lasted his reign

In conflict, bloodshed and pain.

For the reason he became

King was his thirst just to tame.

None before could ever claim,

Nor after, to be the same;

‘Tis said he, without refrain,

What desire he would deign

Look upon, pursue and gain,

‘Til his eyes on it were lain.

‘Tis said he would never tire.

And too he built a tower

From earth and wind and fire

So high all things were lower,

That he wielded such power

Even the gods would cower.

An hommage (which I hope worthy) to the poem of the same name by Shelley.

I don’t know why but that name, Ozymandias, echoes in my mind and inspires me in ways I can’t really explain. It’s just so mysterious and unique…

Midnight dream


‘Tis a midnight dream

In which it would seem

I am loving you

More than you ever knew.

‘Tis a fantasy

Of just you and me

Dancing round and round

Oh together bound.


‘Tis a midnight dream

In which it would seem

I am loving you

More than you may see.

‘Tis a fantasy

Oh just me and you

Dancing round and round,

We, forever bound.


Here is something I was stuck with all evening…

I don’t really know if I’m quite satisfied with it. I felt really inspired writing that but I don’t know…

Anyways, I couldn’t decide which version I liked most, the first one had a verse that is one syllable too long which somehow doesn’t feel right but does at the same time.

And the second one I find slightly less poetic.

I don’t know. You decide. Enjoy! ;)

Des quatre coins



A magician came from the south,

– Traveler of vast horizons –

He came one day without notice

Bringing with him wind, sand and stars.


Words all golden out of his mouth

Could mold from any one season

With deep power forged in pain twice,

Legacy of his avatar.


Radiant silver tides rode in suite

Singing the words of the world song

In clear voices of angel pure,

Telling the tales of ages past.


A floating scent, oh honey sweet,

Projecting an aura so strong

To any harm it was a cure,

For before her no evil lasts.