The making of something incredible


To make something incredible you need :

An interesting idea

A handful of imagination

Two tablespoons of rainbow powder

Some steam from a kettle

A quarter of a third with an already passed expiration date

No more restraints

And, most of all, just a hint of happiness.

When you do have all this, follow these next steps :

Take the interesting idea, put it in a bowl with the handful of imagination and let it settle for a while.

During this time you can use one table-spoon of the rainbow powder and mold it into a small sphere.

Take the quarter of the third and put it in the freezer for about twelve minutes, this should ensure that it’s not completely solid and yet not completely liquid either.

Use the small sphere of rainbow powder you made and squish it in a flat disk before putting the idea/imagination blend on it.

Spread a thin layer of the rest of your rainbow powder on it before rolling it into a bun. Make sure the blend doesn’t come out.

Once this is done, use the kettle steam to dissolve the remaining restraints.

Finally sprinkle the hint of happiness on your finished bun.

Put it in the oven for about as long as you feel and tada! It’s ready.

Make sure you’ve thrown away your restraints and enjoy something incredible!

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