The word not quite


Any true writer, whether good or bad,

At one point gets this feeling:

The sudden discharge, the sting!,

– Illumination, idea so rad! –

A color, a word, or a memory,

Sometimes a single sentence,

Better in mind than paper,

Over and over, letter by letter,

Write, rewrite, scratch off and repeat out loud

Over again for a word,

But it, nimble, flies away,

Exactly like a small and fragile bird.

And, there, right on the verge of succeeding

It escapes and all’s for nay…

Begin again your sculpting

For an artist shall never be too proud.


That is how I felt working on the sentence I was telling you in my last post!

I’m not quite satisfied with this one though.

I feel the ‘Any writer, good or bad’ is not a great formulation of the idea I want to convey… :/

Will have to come back to it sometime…

Anyways, hope you enjoyed! ;)

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