Thus comes the end

Rain is pouring down as I sit down on the couch. The fire is slowly dying in the hearth of the chimney.

I place the tray on my legs and put some music on. I’m still wearing my pyjamas at six in the evening but who cares, the world is about to end…

I’m glad the oven still worked despite all the power outages we’ve had. Those damn floods and earthquakes, they never seem to end. A heavy wind in blowing outside, the raindrops are getting bigger and heavier, i can hear them hit the roof with much more power than before.

I take a bite of my freshly cooked lasagna. I love lasagna. I pour some orange soda in my glass and take a sip. As I do the sky lights up.

So it begins… I change the song, put on some Adele, Rolling in the deep. I don’t know why but this music seems fitting to me.

I gulp down a handful of salty popcorn and a bit of salami on a toast. This is truly the best. I can hear an explosion, somewhere, far away. I turn the volume up a bit and sit back comfortably, staring at the window.

Another handful of popcorn, some chips. I empty my glass of soda. I sigh in delight as the sky takes on a bright red color. Something big is falling from the sky, it burns through the atmosphere. It’s a matter of seconds now.

As I take a last bite from my lasagna I turn up the volume up, the song now blasting as loud as possible, and taste for the last time the delights of eating my favorite junk food. I take a huge bite of the chocolate cake I bought yesterday. It was supposed to be for my niece but I’ll never get to offer it to her now so, whatever, I might as well enjoy it!

I close my eyes and start singing as the shockwave gets closer, the low rumbling and the heat of the blazing inferno is coming straight at me but I smile. It’s time, I think. And I let myself go. Where? I have no idea but I don’t care, as the bright light surrounds me my belly is full and I’m contempt…

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