The Beast


I cannot truly say that I, ever before,

Have witnessed such scene or will ever again:

Amidst fiery battle, blood and steel forging pain,

Suddenly rang her cry and then echoed his roar.

You cannot understand the feeling of despair

He cast unto our foes as well as our allies,

I saw the darkness grow and break beyond repair

His good mind, his pure soul, and madness cloud his eyes…

His spirit got so warped that his body began

To tear apart and grow into thing hideous,

The power is thrilling but the thirst, insidious;

Blood calls upon fresh blood and eats away the man.

He swore a sacred oath: to never surrender

To the darkness inside, to fight it with his life,

And He, in His great plans, did only consider

That he, never in time, could overcome this strife.

Evil looked down on us in His castle above,

Playing dark games with us, pawns trapped in a damned string,

His fateful error in all this careful planning

Was to not comprehend a little thing called love…


Well that’s what you call self-referencing! (Will understand those who know…) // Voila ce que l’on appelle de l’auto-référence. (Comprendra qui pourra…)

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