Concept #2 – Ghost in a shell


Prompts & Concepts

Context: horror story with ghost or specter, the main character goes to investigate strange happenings

The MC [Main character] (a journalist? a writer? a ghost hunter? psychic?) goes to an isolated mansion (or any kind of dark, scary place) to investigate strange happenings and rumors of supernatural events occurring there. Also, fishy story about death of the old owner? First owner died mysteriously, is said to be haunting the house? And last owner died strangely too.

MC’s search progresses normally at first but quickly begins to get weirder and weirder as they venture deeper into the mansion and dig into the back story of the ‘specter’ haunting the place. MC doesn’t believe it at first but slowly starts to understand things aren’t normal and begins to consider the possibility of something unexplainable.

Specter/Ghost starts to chase MC all over, scare them and trying to kill them to exact revenge. MC manages to survive while uncovering the dark secret and realizes that the ghost was trying to communicate with them since the beginning but cannot really control its connection to the physical world.

MC finally understands that the ghost is a prisoner from a curse and somehow, over the course of the story (however long that is) begins to realize they have feelings for the specter/ghost (yeah, they fall in love somehow…).

MC does all they can to free the ghost without dying and at the same time tries to get it to decide not to kill them but understands that isn’t really its goal. The specter is bent on killing MC at first but somehow begins to see that MC can help it and that there is something more to the situation (love is in the air?). The character/way of being of the MC is the reason the ghost/specter starts falling in love too and, despite being very closed off at first, as the story progresses the ghost/specter begins opening up a little bit.

Also, MC isn’t really ‘good’ and that’s why the specter starts falling in love with them? Their feelings/love is not bound by normal rules.

Problem: the ghost/specter is cursed and can’t resist the urge to devour living souls (the soul of MC for example) but MC tries to help to deal with that somehow.

Do they end up together in the end? If yes, how? Is MC good or evil?

(MC is obsessed with ghost/specter, passionately in love?)

I’m not entirely convinced with that one.

I feel that writing this and offering it to you is not really worthy of the exercise, of me. I feel compelled to flesh out the story first, to give it more depth and value.

But that is the point of the game: giving you unfinished and incomplete ideas so that maybe you will want to give them life.

Anyways, hope you are interested!

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