There she goes


The first time I met Ophelia Bachman, I swear

Oh I knew, then and there, I would be worse for wear,

She was so high, high above me, so peculiar,

You may call me a cheat, or even a liar,

But boy did I mean it when I finally said

If she did not see me, I would rather be dead…

Her, a living, breathing creature of flesh and blood,

Of wonder and beauty, beautiful rose’s bud,

A smiling rogue angel, the light in the deep grey;

The colours of her soul lit the way through the fray!

What I only yearned for, my sole and unique wish

Was to never stray from her warm and free spirit,

She could never love me, always running far – whish!

And until the end, I never regretted it,

Such a beautiful day, the day she did conquer

The world and its people, they all applauded her.


‘Cause she’s so high ! High above me, she’s so lovely… ♪

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