A word


What if there was a word you only had to say,

A word that would open and too clear out the way,

A word of magic, possible only to feel,

When your world’s horizon is unable to heal.

Oh would you hesitate or speak it on the spot?

Would you renounce the quest and its many hardships

To obtain instantly what it is you might seek?

Or would you walk the long way, become strong from weak,

Keep passion in your heart and silence to your lips…?


2 thoughts on “A word

  1. I will walk the long mile if it makes me strong.lt’s more easier said than done when you know one magic word can end your suffering and change your life. Pain is not pleasant but would you rather be weak to satisfy your instant urges because you don’t want to go through hardship? Life is hard,our choices have consequences but if you truly follow your heart,no matter how hard the journey, you’ll experience peace.

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