Dear reader: Mystery


Dear reader, if you want to understand

Then simply try to follow till the end,

Listen well, watch closely, read carefully

But not too closely for then you might miss

The bigger picture, fall in an abyss

Of madness and lose your way, so silly!

Hidden meanings spread all over the place

Seeping from my soul deep into my work

Woven cleverly from delicate lace,

Patterns within patters; my lovely quirk.

All is written in a thousand scriptures,

All is engraved in as many sculptures,

So passionately into time chiseled,

Though will you guess what these words really mean,

Will you manage my many clues to glean?

Or will you be left helplessly puzzled?

To solve these riddles listen thoroughly,

This is important. But is it really…?

Now look closely here – no look over there!

Chase the hat while I pull out the rabbit,

Let the bright golden rain deceive your stare.

You may search the pattern, find the habit,

But will you find answer to your question,

Oh will you comprehend my intention?

On this wild goose chase you might not succeed

But I have to admit, planting the seed

Of doubt and curiosity in your mind,

My dear reader, is quite fun, though unkind…


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