Of the thousands of words in the dictionary,

As the billions of stars in this wide universe,

Of the many meanings making my heart wary

And my old soul weary as with love I converse,

Why, I ask, had you to choose this one precisely,

With phrasing such as this, spoken so concisely…?

Oh my dear you would be so very inhumane

To give me hope and let it long enough remain

For it to bore its roots in the deeps of my core

Only to rip away, throw it onto the floor;

Yet I would let you cheat your way into my life,

Consciously give my back to you the cruelest knife,

I am already lost, my mind is made up – dour –

Never shall I leave now the scope of your power.

I am yours to command so order my sweet dame

Anything you wish I shall conquer in your name,

You have my devotion, I am your faithful tool,

I dance obediently in the palm of your hand,

No enemy shall pass through the path where I stand,

Forever my soul belongs to you; lovestruck fool…


“Then I am the king of fools and my heart is the crown”,

he said with a bittersweet smile as he turned to look towards her.

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