Dear Jude


Hello sweet Jude, my dear old friend.

I got your call the other day,

It’s odd but it seems like a trend

For people vanished in the hay

To recently come back to life

And to give news for old time’s sake,

I smiled when you said you’re a wife,

Now rain pours down, my shoulders shake.

Fond memories, without a stop,

Seem to come back to the surface,

Once they have again reached the top

I can clearly see all your faces…

Oh the good times we used to have,

I hoped since you’d learned to behave.

Oh my dear Jude I’m so sorry

To hear you in all this worry,

Life is unjust, it’s so unfair,

You were so good, the both of you,

The best of us now we’re so few.

If only Charlie were still there…


A reply to Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis by Tom Waits

Part of a writing prompt.

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