Dear life


Today I woke up early and I went to school

The weather was quite nice though the air was not warm,

I felt the world was interesting and had charm

I didn’t feel ousted nor did I feel a fool,

Despite my tiredness I’ve endured ’till the night,

I went to buy some food, listened to a nice tune,

Though despite my efforts and though try as I might

I couldn’t help but seek for a glimpse of the moon.

I look often but miss, my heart skipping a beat,

And in these instants dwell for a moment too long,

I ponder on my life from my small earthbound seat

And wonder how my mind and my heart move along…

I the end I did see a shooting star pass by,

A quick but brimming sight which eased my dull sorrow,

Ease only but the sage says “Keep hope in tomorrow!”

And upon these wise words, friend, I bid you goodbye.


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